Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Project365: Day #45 - 52

Way, way overdue. I am now on to Day #68 already!

Monday, 14 Feb [Taiwan]- I am a sucker for cute packaging if you can't tell already. Frosted cornflakes with milk~ I can spend hours shopping for groceries and 24-hour convenience stores are Godsend! 

Tuesday, 15 Feb [Taiwan]- We visited a farm today, I loved it. I find it nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of cities once in a while. It was so quiet, the air was fresh, and I found out I actually like taking strolls (providing I don't have to break a sweat).

Wednesday, 16 Feb [Taiwan]- I don't mention it much, but I've rolled, yes ROLLED, down a flight of stairs before. I was in school, taking the first few steps down when I thought I heard someone call my name- I turned- before I knew it, I tripped and found myself at the corner of the stairs. No major injuries- just badly scratched up and I think I twisted my ankle. It is almost impossible for me to walk down the stairs without holding onto something now, unless I concentrate real hard on my steps.

Thursday, 17 Feb [Taiwan]- We ate at this place called "5 Dime Restaurant", the interior is AMAZING! The attention to detail is just crazy. I honestly felt like I was in another world.

Friday, 18 Feb [Taiwan]- Taken at the Taipei International Flora Exposition 2010/2011. So rare to see rows and rows of beautiful colours and arrangements. I want a beautiful garden in my future home too! And of course someone who can take care of them :D

Saturday, 19 Feb [Taiwan/KL]- I always try to save some money for duty-free shopping, instead of blowing it all on the first few days. In-flight shopping is like a little thrill for me, can't quite explain why. My sister and I really wanted the Swarovski pen (MYR75 only!!) but they didn't stock up on it for our flight. Oh wells! Serves me right for telling Jargs not to waste $$ on it.

Sunday, 20 Feb- Back in humid KL and brunch with JagiBOY. I love big breakfasts!

Monday, 21 Feb- I think I've found my next favourite tea- Earl Grey. Sun Moulin was also selling a Earl Grey Chiffon Cake. So delicious! The scent, the taste.. mmMmm. I wonder if they have any Earl Grey flavoured candies out there?

*Need to catch up on posting backdated pictures!!


  1. we are gonna have big breakfast soon.