Saturday, March 5, 2011

Viber rocks!

Just got off the phone with my sister, and Ive got to say Viber is one of the best iPhone apps ever created. She sounds like she's just next door and even though she's thousands of miles away, I feel like I'm just calling to annoy her (as I usually do). The quality of sound is awesome and there is no lag (provided your Internet connection is steady)!

What is Viber? It's an application which allows you to call other Viber users for FREE via a wireless connection. Sorta like Skype but better! You don't need to sign in with a password (I always forget mine) and best of all, this app is FREE. I am saving so much on International calls now that my sister is back in Melbourne! Thank goodness for technology (:

On another note, I have been searching high and low for my house keys this whole week and I just can't seem to remember where I placed them. Last night my mother even had to leave her keys outside the house (hidden of course) for me as I was returning home late. I found my keys 10 mins ago and guess where they were?

Sitting happily in the SAME bag I was using for the WHOLE WEEK!! Grrr. I really should start organizing the things in my bag better. People are starting to get annoyed when I frantically dig in my bag then proceed to shout "I can't find my phone!! Call me!!" then locating it 0.3466 seconds later -_-"

Random: JagiBOY pulled over last night because he saw this on the side of the road! This little fella was taking stroll but when we stopped to look at him he hid in his shell! His underside was all dry and severely cracked so I poured some water over it. This turtle/tortoise was found just outside my housing area.

I wonder where he came from?

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