Saturday, December 4, 2010

This Christmas..

"Last Christmas, I gave you my heart..
but the very next day, you gave it away"
-song playing in-store at the moment

Christmas is just around the corner.. which means 2011 is too!

Almost time to review the year and see how I can make the next a better one.

My end/beginning of a year would be even better with..
1. Baubles- All girls ♥ jewellery, both gifted and bought themselves. Last piece in KLCC. Should I?

2. Something furry and preferably alive (Luuuunaaa!!)

3. New frames- the better to see you with, grandma!

4. A durable camera- Waterproof & shockproof, perfect for me.
5. A lovely scent or three :D

6. And a bag to keep it all in!

See, I'm not THAT greedy. HAHA.


My weekends are officially occupied up till late January!
4 Dec- Christmas Shopping.. Kim Hyun Joong in Pavilion KL! :D
11 Dec- WonderGirls Concert 2010
18 Dec- Christmas Dinner with my extended family(friends)
25 Dec- Date with JagiBOY
31 Dec- NYE Celebrations
1 Jan- Wedding#1
8 Jan- Roadtrip
22 Jan- Wedding#2

So many dinners to attend (YAY!) but I've also been told by the doc to lay off anything raw, spicy, dairy, and not to have too much meat (Nooooooooo!!) :c Seems like my tummy has decided to get all 'sensitive' with me. Will *try* to be good these few days so I can eat well soon.

Have you started on your Christmas shopping?


  1. Nice Xmas wish list. Those frames look cool. We have that exact camera and it has been a very good one that is light weight yet high rez. I hope Santa brings some of them to you, and I hope you can still get some good food even with those restrictions. :-)

  2. nice wish list, love the glasses! hope you get your wish! xoxo

  3. chanel earrings are so cute and classy!
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