Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Haul 2010

I know I made a list and Santa totally did not visit me this year (is it cause I sang the Diarrhoea Song?) but who needs him when I have people in my life who get me these:

A 500GB portable hard drive! I don't know how I managed without one before. Now I can store the movies and series I copy off people..

A super cute thumbdrive- my current one is only 1GB and I have been using it for ages.

A new phone cover! And yes, I like Hello Kitty.

A book by one of my fave fashion icons which I couldn't bring myself to buy..

A pouch to keep all my pins and tiny bits in. This I received by courier from Japan so it's really special..

A sewing kit to shorten my sister's skirts..

This I got myself.. Couldn't resist the puff

A shooting star.. I love it! *shining a little diamond~

Hey Santa, I don't need you! I got this myself to keep it all in..

Okay this wasn't a Christmas present but a gift from YiLeng when she went to the States a week back..

I also received someone to sleep with. So soft! All in all, it was an awesome Christmas.

Thank you baby for helping scratch another item off my MateriaList.. I love it! And to my Secret Santa Sen, I love you long time too.. while everyone was busy opening ONE gift, I had THREE! :D and to Mama who shouldn't have got me anything, thank you.

Despite being showered with gifts left, right, up and down.. the Lee family has also donated 4 big bags of clothes, stationery, toys and some shoes to an orphanage. Of course, this is not a 'Christmas activity' for us. We do this every few months. Once in a while I clean out my wardrobe and remove stuff which I haven't worn or used.

I can't stop my excessive buying but I can make this situation a win-win for everyone. By giving my stuff a new home, I know that some kid isn't going to be in tatters. A lot of people turn into hoarders because they can't let go of their old stuff. But think of it this way- when you give away the old, you make space for the new.

Charity starts at home and people shouldn't just limit giving to Christmas time. There are many unfortunate children out there who need a helping hand, and if you could look into your hearts and wardrobes- you'll see that everyone has something to offer.

What have you given this Christmas?

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