Friday, March 11, 2011

All about my Hair.. ♥

I have decided it is time to share with everyone how awesome Kao Liese Bubble Hair Colour is! But before I do so, an introduction to the condition and colour of my hair 2 years ago..

Melbourne, Velvet fridays @ SEVEN
April 2009  
Hair Condition: Natural black roots, bottom half has been bleached at least 3x, dyed from blonde>black>ash brown>black. I wasn't being nice to my hair :S As you can see, the top part is smooth & glossy, but the bottom looks dry. I started colouring my hair back in 2006 (read post here), bleaching in 2007.

Melbourne, Brunch @ Mart130
August 2010
Hair Condition: This colour was done at a Salon, before I visited Melbourne. Sat in my seat for so long, mushrooms were growing out of my head. I forgot what colour I asked for, but I did bring a Japanese magazine as reference and just pointed.
Damage: Bleach + Colour + Treatment = close to MYR500.

Malaysia, PJ @ JagiBOY's 
Early Nov 2010
Hair Condition: 3 months since my last visit to the salon, my regrowth was SO GROSS! I don't know how I could let myself go like this.

Malaysia, KL @ Christmas Dinner
End Nov 2010
Hair Condition: Coloured my hair with Raymond from Shawn Cutler, he is the one and only stylist who assured me that IT IS POSSIBLE to have light hair without using bleach! Skeptical initially but he did say the colour wouldn't be 100% accurate. In my case, I was pretty happy with the results- very close match but under certain lighting you could tell there is a difference. As Jagi said, its probably cause we bleached our hair before. A little darker than before.
Damage: Colour + Trim = about MYR400, but I also purchased a shampoo.

Okay here is the part where my Kao Liese Bubble Hair Colour Review comes in! I first saw this back in 2009 when I visited Singapore with Jagi, but wasn't very interested because how vibrant can a non-salon dye job be anyway? Plus my hair is REALLY black!

If not because I saw my colleagues rocking their new colours and asking where they did their hair, I would've never guessed it came from a box!! They all had dark hair to begin with and thick too, and the colour was very vibrant and bright. I was SOLD! They had a tip for me though: to leave it on for at least ONE HOUR instead of the recommended 20 mins before washing off.

By early Jan, I already had about an inch of regrowth showing (my hair grows pretty fast) so I picked up the Liese Bubble Hair Colour in Chiffon Beige
It was the lightest colour in the range, I grabbed it thinking the colour would show the best since it was light, as opposed to a darker colour which might not show on my hair. 

The instructions are VERY SIMPLE, gloves and all are included in the kit so you just need some shampoo and mask to condition after. There is also a conditioner that comes with the kit but it didn't do much for my hair. Left the dye on for about 1 hour 10 minutes (yes I timed) and...

Liese Bubble Hair Colour- Chiffon Beige ♥
Jan 2011
Hair Condition: I never expected the colour to come out so well! I used the mixture from one and a half bottles, kept reapplying the solution when the bubbles disappeared and also kept massaging when it looked dry. Very even colour, and I was very happy! And there was no sign of regrowth anywhere!
Damage: Colour = MYR 34 x 2 boxes. So cheap!!

Just before the Lunar New year, I dyed my hair again to look pretty for my Taiwan trip! This time I picked Marshmallow Brown- a darker shade.
After having light hair for 6 months, I am thinking of changing back to a brunette gradually. My results as anticipated, we as good as the first time if not better..

Taiwan, Braving the rain @ Ye Liu
February 2011
Hair Condition: Colour came out very well, roots were coloured 100% I feel that the colours are very true to the box. It is more brown compared to the Chiffon (please excuse my stringy hair, it was very windy).
Damage: Colour = MYR 34 x 2 boxes (even with my length and thickness, I could only use 1.5 bottles maximum, and I was reapplying liberally) 

In conclusion of my Liese Bubble Hair Colour Review, I was initially apprehensive of DIY dyes before I tried Liese and I felt that only Salons could give you a light, bright colour. But I was SO wrong. I don't think I would be going to a Salon to re-dye my hair anytime soon. Which is a pity because Raymond was actually pretty good. Oh wells! More $$$ saved for my Material wants then :D

Some of my tips:
1. Do not wash hair for at least 1 day before you colour it. Also, do not use any product (gel, wax, hair serum..) as that would affect the performance of the hair dye.
2. Get someone to help you check if all strands of hair are covered.
3. Leave dye on for at least 1 hour and sit in a room which isn't air-conditioned. Heat helps the solution colour your hair faster and better.
4. Rinse with a shampoo formulated for damaged hair and condition with a very moisturizing mask. 
5. Do not wash hair for at least two days after initial dye.
6. Use your hair mask as a conditioner! 

Well, that's what I do at least (: 

Hope you found this post useful! For all you virgin DIY dye-rs out there, Liese is really easy to use- the colour is great and the price is awesome. I totally recommend it to anyone who wants to listen! ♥


  1. I guess I just suck at diy? :( jelly u got them right.. Can we have a sleepover then liese my hair pls? I damn wanna salon dye my hair but guess I'm not ready for the pricey damage :S

  2. i love your current hair !
    looks amazing :)

  3. oh gosh, i HAVE to try out the liese hair dye!! also thanks for the tips!! i never really gave it much thought but know that you're saying it, it makes perfect sense not to use any product before coloring it ^___^ lol~
    about your question: i fill in my brows with brow powder (right now it's a wet'n'wild palette but it varies). what do you use??

  4. Xc: i heard you got it done already! hopefully you dont have any patchy spots!!

    fhen: thank you! (:

    Lippi: You're welcome- I spent a good while googling for ppl's reviews but everyone said "the colour didn't show/isn't as bright" but mine turned out awesome! i just had to share (:

  5. Hi, Thanks for your sharing, have a question here, can I wash my hair just before I dye?

    1. Hi, sorry I just came across your comment! I'm pretty sure there will be people who would recommend washing just before dyeing but I don't. My reasoning is that our scalp's natural oils protect the scalp from getting damaged, plus the dye solution would absorb better into dry unwashed hair.

      Hopefully you've had no problems dyeing your hair! (: