Monday, May 13, 2013

Comments from a 11-year old

During the weekends, my cousin brother's son would usually drop by to play with our dog and he is usually quite entertaining with the things he says.

He is an incredibly bright child who can carry conversations with adults and whose general knowledge is quite vast. As with most kids his age these days, he is completely addicted to 9gag and YouTube.

So anyway, one of the weekends he came over and both my sister and I were in the midst of spring cleaning. He comes in, plops on my bed and after surveying the room he gets up and says:

Him: Where do you get the money to buy so many things? *earnestly*
Me: What? (totally taken aback)
Him: Yeah, you have so many things, you must have a lot of money! *admires things on display*
Me: ... (speechless)
Him: How much money do you earn?
Me: ... (still in disbelief)
Him: You must earn a lot to buy so many things.

And then he walks into my sister's room and plops down, playing with the dog. I follow him into the room a while later:

Me: Why didn't you tell her (my sister) that she has many things too?
Him: (looks around) No, not a lot here.
Me: You little liar! What did she bribe you with!!
Him: No, nothing... *small smiles*

He comes into my room again later:
Him: You really have a lot of things...
Me: What? More than your mother? (note: his mother is a shopaholic)
Him: Yeah! More than her!
Me: My room is just messy!  Can't you tell I'm spring cleaning? I don't talk to little liars! Get out! (he knows im kidding)
Him: *laughs*

I am half in disbelief and half in a laughing fit that a child is innocently telling me I have too many things.



  1. LOL I was dancing to Mariah Carey when I was 11, roller blading in the evenings and playing video games until 5am.. and at that time its like "i'm way cooler than you".. HAHAHA..

  2. You were one of the cool kids remember? Even "she" wanted so desperately to be your friend LOL. Kids these days are way more advanced.. haha