Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shoes Out (Part I)

Earlier this year, I pledged to only purchase ONE pair of shoes if I manage to throw out/donate at least 3.

It's the end of May now..

12 pairs! 

I think I did well, some I wore to death- those that still had life left in them were donated. The oldest pair were the sparkly ballerinas in the 2nd frame. They are NINE years old.

Then again, those white steel heeled pumps in the last frame were bought in a vintage shop in Melbourne and could possibly be even older than that.

Out of the dozen, I'd probably miss having 3) Turquoise bow heels from Alex Alex, 7) Cork peep-toe heels from Portmans and 8) Disney comic strip sneakers.

I've only bought 2 pairs of shoes to date and one of them are sports shoes.

Old picture from 2008, Melbourne
All mine; 50 pairs on display, easily another 30 in their boxes.

I really should reassess my whole shoe situation soon. Hopefully the numbers are decreasing.. I really don't need that many pairs.

Slowly but surely, I will declutter my life and let go of all things unnecessary!


  1. Woo! Lovely shoes :) You've got really small cute feet! :)

    1. Lol my feet arent really small, must be the angle! Im a standard sz 37/38 :D

  2. 80 pairs, pfft! and alvin complained when I only have 20 pairs *roll eyes*

    1. HAHA That was previously! I hope its significantly less now.. eh 20 is ok for a woman, we need shoes for every occasion right!

  3. This is such a nice effort, I should take it as a role model and do the same. I don't buy many shoes now but I have no time to go through the old ones or take some of them to repair shop, this os why they accumulated to badly. I love your comic strip shoes though, and the green ones! :-)