Thursday, May 16, 2013

CLARINS Pore Minimizing Serum

This made its way into my Must-Have list.

I apply it every morning, after toner and under my 2nd serum.

Gone through 2 bottles and I love it. Purifies the pores, and smoothens uneven skin.

Please do not discontinue this!!!


  1. Hi Xen, I am very interested in Clarins skin care products. As a reference, can you tell how your skin is? (Oily, mixed, sensible etc.) ?

    1. Hi Sara, my skin is actually sensitive-acne prone but right now its calm and not as reactive. It used to be congested and oily as well with a dry surface (from trying too many anti acne skincare). A few products from Clarins really helped with my skin condition and my skin is the best it has been all year.

      I actually turned to this brand because it is plant based and also because my mother has been using their products for over 20 years and has great skin (: between my sister, mother and I, we have probably tried all of Clarins' serums available haha

      What concerns do you have for your skin??

    2. Thanks for your reply, mine needs to be hydrated. I don't have acne but I had it some years ago, now it just leans a bit dry. I use hydrating serum of Chanel and byrdaring creme of Dior on top but I have heard good things about Clarins, want to try some of their products out.