Thursday, September 16, 2010


One of the things I ♥LOVELOVELOVE♥ to do!

I used to do it once every 4-5 months when I had my own place *insert happy face* but since I've been back, I havent had a chance to do so. Mostly cause I live with my parents and I dont get full control of where I want what to be.

My sis and I were away for quite some time so we decided when we moved into our new home, to share a bedroom and to convert the other room to a Dressing Room! So the Sleeping Room is all white, with much sunlight and our sheets are covered with roses. Think Shabby Chic. While the Dressing Room has a deep red wall with dark wood wardrobes, dressing table and a lazy chair even.

But all that's about to change now cause we're going to split the rooms! My sister will be back for Summer and I have to work- so we dont want to get into each other's schedules and disrupt sleeping hours.

So! I am excited because I loveeee rearranging furniture. I love making a space look new and fresh which is why I move stuff around/buy little deco items every few months. I want my new room to look something like this..

white, (look) clean, fresh, shabby chic..

with a corner to snuggle up with a good book..

this is overdone.. are the 2 little beds supposed to be for their pets? maybe Jagi would be interested for Melbie and Coco.. haha

We've taken one bed out of the room and I'm hoping to finish by end of next week? It should turn out better than the current layout. YAY!

Also, I get to arrange my sister's room so- DOUBLE YAY!

Funny how such a mundane thing to most can actually get me excited. I'm not planning to replace any furniture or buy anything major- just a few small things here and there. I do need a nice alarm clock though. Been searching for one since I moved back A YEAR AGO. I want something old looking and classic.. these days everything looks so modern.

"Rouge" launch at work today. Wanted to put on red pumps instead but my feet might hate me by the end of the day- so comfy wedges I decided on!



  1. OMG..i thought that was your new arrangement and then wfwf..its not even our room..hahah..

    looking skinnygoopers *jelly jelly..ahhhhhh*

  2. the first one with all white is just perfect imo. i would love to move around my room every so often but its just not possible haha.. too many things and its too heavy and i have a puny room. once i move out or if i move into an apartment i def wana personalise it! x

  3. yes i've already told ws that i will custom small beds for cokes and melbs in our new home :)