Friday, September 24, 2010

Project Product Purge

Amidst moving rooms, I have come to realize that I may suffer from mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

What is it? Wikipedia describes its symptoms as follows ".. (OCD) includes repetitive handwashing; extensive hoarding; preoccupation with sexual or aggressive impulses, or with particular religious beliefs; aversion to odd numbers; and nervous habits, such as opening a door and closing it a certain number of times before one enters or leaves a room".

I used to display 5 of the above symptoms.. but I have somehow stopped the "nervous habits" bit. When I was younger, I used to turn the tap on and off 7 times before walking off. Just to make sure it wouldn't leak. If I have to help myself at meals, I would only take 7 scoops of soup from the pot and rice from the rice cooker. Even if my bowl was overflowing- I would scoop tiny scoops just to hit '7'- because if it wasn't done 7 times, something bad may happen. Weird, right? I feel silly even writing about it now.

I don't remember much but while moving my stuff, I've discovered the extent of the stuff I hoard.. I may be able to give away my clothes but mags, toys and cosmetics/skincare I tend to buy and keep and buy and keep. I have decided to donate some toys to an orphanage, re-read and throw out old issues of the mags and I am going to finish up all the cosmetics/skincare products.

Obsessive compulsive buying can be stopped and I am going to control myself (with the help of jagiBOY- I have told him to go strict but soft or I will be angry! haha). I can easily fill up four A4 paper boxes of NEW and unopened products. Body wash, cream, eye cream, face cream, serums.. you name it, I have it. It wouldn't be so bad if I have actually opened and tested it out. Therefore, I have put myself on a ban- and I am not allowed to buy any cosmetics/skincare unless I totally run out. They include items such as:

1. Lip balms/glosses/sticks
2. Concealer
3. Foundation
4. Face wash/mask/toner
5. Moisturizer
6. Shampoo/Conditioner/Treatments
7. Body Wash
8. Body & Hand Lotion/Cream
9. Hair styling products
10. Mascara
11. ANYTHING to use on the face/body/hair!

Eyeliner is not on the list because I don't experiment with other brands anymore. I've been using Bobbi Brown's Gel Liner for 5 years and I ♥ it! In a bid to finish off some products, I have even brought some to use at work:

1. CLARINS HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase 30ml- I use this on the back of my hands cause it is too moisturizing for my face. I actually got it for Winter in Melbourne but it didn't suit my oily skin so well. About 10% left so, yay! I can open another product soon!!

2. CLARINS Skin-Smoothing Eye Mask 30ml- This product made me cry- literally. Didn't work so well over my sensitive eyes so I now use it as a hand mask 3x a week. Routine: turn on comp>> slather on mask>> sign in gChat >>read and reply work emails>> wash. It leaves the back of my hands reaaaallly soft ♥ Can't see how much is left though..

3. LAURA MERCIER Geranium Essential Water 100ml- It's supposed to be an astringent and to purify my skin in Summer, but it made my face itch! So now it's a body mist. I spray on throughout the day. 50% left, with daily use hopefully to finish by end of Oct?

I need to get my act together- time to declutter and start saving for the big picture! That said, I just remembered I signed up for a WATSON's Card last night- good luck and all the best to me with my ban.

Melbourne trip highlights & Poco Homemade next!

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