Thursday, January 9, 2014


New phone covers! I've been using the violet Lego case for a few months now and though I initially intended to remove the chains I ended up leaving them as is.

So convenient especially when I need to be running around doing things and not having to worry where my phone is or hold on to it. Just sling it on and most people dont even realize it's a phone case!

Saw these "Chanel boys" on sale and I had to grab a few. So cute and functional! While I love the actual bag design, I much prefer the classic 2.55s as they are a bit more casual and laid back (to me). Which is why these would probably be my only "Boy" purchases...

Great quality and really nice colours. The metal plate is sturdy as are the chains. They straps can actually be double looped (to shorten) or single extended to use it cross-body style. The red is my favourite out of the lot, but they only had it in the 4S left so my Mama will be using it. 

So many colors I can't decide which to use first!


  1. Hi Xen! Happy New Year! Those Chanel boys are so cool! Lol, even the name for it is erm, cool :P If you don't mind me asking, may I know where you got them? They sure rock any iPhone :) P/S: We met at a recent REN event organized by MWS.

  2. Hi! Is this Jennifer? I apologize if I got it wrong! Of course I don't mind sharing, it was from one of the phone accessory shops in Sungei Wang, and worked out to be about MYR25 per piece (there was a buy 2 free 1 promotion PLUS 20% discount). I also saw them at Times Square, they were going for MYR36 a piece.

    They also have them for Samsungs and iPad Minis (really cute) :D Have a good week ahead and thanks for dropping by!

    1. Hi Xen! Thanks for your reply :) Haha, yes, you're absolutely right - this is Jennifer :) I got too excited with the Boysssss that I forgot to leave my name, such a shame :) Awesome, thanks for the great info. I'll check it out soon. Have a great weekend ahead!