Thursday, August 11, 2011

♥ CHANEL MakeUp: Autumn 2011 + Collection Byzance

The Autumn 2011 Collection has just been released today (where I live) and I popped by to have a look before lunch..

Quite a few products were released but the only thing I want is the nail polish in Peridot. Which is a good thing actually, because I foresee myself picking up a few items from the next collection...

"Arising from the opulence and beauty of the Paris-Byzance fashion show, the Collection presents extravagant makeup treasures inspired by the sparkle of rubies and precious metals."


Am anxiously anticipating the launch of the Byzance collection after reading the many reviews online. There was also a very exclusive palette released but I doubt any made it to my shores-
Lumieres Byzantines de Chanel Palette Highlighters
Only 1500 pieces were sold worldwide, you can read more about it here.

There is also the Pearl Glow Powder, a recent addition to the MakeUp line..

Most of the items I have my eyes on are Limited Editions and have glowing reviews, I hope I won't miss out on any of them!


  1. omg! I saw the preview of the clothing line and fell in love with a ton of the pieces, but I didn't know there was a cosmetic line coming out too! That red looks super vibrant and rich! I'd love to try it!
    ♥ laura

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  2. love the collection :)
    BTW i like your blog,im your new follower,i hope you'll follow back :)

  3. Love the blog! I love reading about different countries!

  4. omg i love this collection :o especially the precious metal nailpolishes ♥ the shimmery green one is just awesome!! i need to check if they sell it here too ^__^

    also thanks a lot for the birthday wishes hehe ^o^

    about your message: i didn't get it :( did you send it via gfc? try sending it to my email adress ;)


  5. the casing looks so glam~^^ love it

  6. hey xen!
    sorry, it's me again!
    just wanted to tell you that i gave you an award here:

  7. Awesome collection! I wish I could understand more about make ups the way you do! Love those nail polish, too.

    Was here for a visit after quite a long time. :)

  8. Zomg I so want the eyeshadow palette! It looks perfect!