Monday, October 25, 2010

Never had the chance to meet you but I'm sure you would've been a dear.

I believe in reincarnation.
I believe that this life is only one of the many lifetimes I have already been through.
I believe that everyone has a lesson to learn this lifetime and if you don't truly make amends, you will keep coming back to the same mistakes you have made.
I believe in karma.
I believe that all the things I have or don't have are all due to my past decisions.
I believe that if you don't appreciate all that you have this lifetime and make full use of it to move on to the next level, you may very well have to go through it all again.
I believe that all things living have a spirit as I do, only difference is the form we take.
I am very lucky to have this perfectly healthy 'human' body and I really shouldn't abuse it.

Hell to me is not as portrayed in the movies, where there is eternal fire and the devil rules. Hell is our present state. Here, now. There is a saying that newborns cry when they are born because they realize they have to walk this Earth again.
I am no Christian, neither am I a Buddhist, Hindu nor am I a Muslim- why do we need labels to define what we believe in? Should one religion exclude the other just because they seem to believe in a different 'God'? The ultimate basis of each religion is LOVE.

"You have created a culture based on exclusion, and supported it with a cultural myth of a God who excludes.

Yet the culture of God is based on inclusion.

In God's love, everyone is included. Into God's Kingdom everyone is invited.

And this truth is what you call a blasphemy. And you must. Because if it is true, then everything you have created in your life is false. All human conventions and all human constructions are faulty to the degree that they are not unlimited, eternal, and free."

-Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God, Book 3)

I won't judge you for what you believe in but everyone has a right the right to question what they doubt. You have your beliefs as have I, but blind faith is a form of ignorance to me. Who's to say that a blind isn't leading the blind? Again- not judging, merely stating what I see. Religion is such a sensitive subject to talk about without offending someone.

Look at things with an open mind and heart, there is no need for such hatred and misunderstanding to go around.

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