Saturday, June 16, 2012

Red red lips

I find myself reaching for reds a lot these days..

On me: Lanvin for H&M Red Lipstick, On le bestie: CHANEL Lover

All dressed for a wedding dinner I invited myself to, just 2 hours before it started. The red is more true to colour in the first 2 pictures.

I have a few red lippies and each is different- a daytime red, a fun red, a nightime red, a deep dark red.. haha. Every female should have at least one red lippie!


  1. i just got myself a daytime red! <3 miss you, bestie

  2. the red lipstick suits you so well!!! i like red lipstick on me too but i wear it only on very very few occasions :D but it definitely makes me feel kind of glamourous haha!!