Thursday, July 10, 2014

LUXE//LESS: Gel Eyeliners

Having tried quite a number of luxury and drugstore beauty products, I have come across products which are similar in function but cost much less. I know there's a saying "you get what you pay for" but sometimes a higher price tag doesn't equate to a better product (to me at least).

Was flipping through the magazine today and saw this feature:

Been meaning to write about these 2 products but kept putting it off! I used to be a big fan of Bobbi Brown Gel Liners (my go-to liner for 10 years!) but with their increasing prices over the years, I set out to find a replacement. Not to sound like a broken record, but I have sensitive eyes which tear easily and oily lids- meaning the formula has to be budge proof, pigmented, easy to apply AND gentle. 

Bobbi Brown ticks all the boxes for me however removing it can be tough without my trusty eye makeup remover. Currently using Clarins Instant Eye Makeup Remover and it removes even the most budge proof eye-makeup easily. 

One little tub lasts a long time, and I've never had it dry up on me though I've had friends who complain of this. You have to buy a separate brush and if I'm not mistaken it costs just as much as the liner.

The Maybelline Gel Liner was a random grab from the drugstore; I never expected it to perform so well! The black is a solid black, glides smoothly and does everything Bobbi Brown does, at a lower price. It even comes with a good quality brush which I have been using for months, even after multiple washes it is still soft yet firm.

I can't vouch for the "36-hour" claim, but it does stay put throughout the day and doesn't irritate my eyes.

My thoughts: I love them both as they are very similar- in terms of formula and packaging, but if I had to choose one.. I'd go with the Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Liner. It comes with a brush, is a true black and is so affordable!

Hope you found my first LUXE//LESS post informative and I look forward to sharing more products under this tag.


  1. try inglot gel eyeliners, super dark and pigmented if that's what you are looking for, and quite reasonably priced!

    1. Ooo ok will check them out! Am always on the lookout for good eyeliners. Thankiewww! (: