Tuesday, July 12, 2011

New & Old..

NEW: I did quite a bit of damage in the past week- I'm waiting for my ASOS parcel to arrive, my GMarket mini-haul (which is being shipped to my sister in Melb) and I now have an item on "lay-by" HAHA. *looks at Jagi*. Most of them are investment pieces which I can picture myself wearing 10 years down the road so I'm feeling less guilty about my purchases.

Recent ZARA purchases include a skirt which I lusted over back in February.
Two-tone silk top 
Seamed skirt, but in the colour above 

OLD: Tatty and worn out, but they served me well..

The last time I bought shoes was back in May (on Holidays) so this is a MAJOR improvement, I used to buy shoes almost every week. I have close to 10 pairs which are brand new and untouched, and no I am not exaggerating.

I have a weakness when it comes to shoes- my rationale is that, I might grow out of my clothes but I'm always a constant size when it comes to shoes (and bags).

After throwing those 4 out, I treated myself to a brand new pair..
Ciara from Wittner
They look similar to a certain pair from Miu Miu, but only cost a fraction of the price.. plus they are on sale too!  Buy here 

No more (major) shopping till December! I hope :/


  1. i see you're adding height to heels again? yay! i remember your crouching walk when i visited you in melb like what.. 4 yrs ago?? u wore flats so much more ever since then!

    also.. what's on LAY-BY i wonder? and.. and.. G-MARKET? GM=BEAUTY PRODUCTS haul i assume?

    and and.. ASOS.. it's free shipping again.. i'm so tempted too.. december u say? i guess not~ haha~

  2. haha theres a platform so it okay? plus ive got JagiBOY to lean on now :D btw that wasnt my crouching walk.. it was a drag-my-right-leg-along walk. -_-" thanks for the "massage" HAHA.

    lay-by? you dont rememb? i ask you for it almost daily!! G-market has clothes too.. you should go see. i bet you will love everything! ASOS giving free shipping so often now :C its on my evil list now.. just like SaSa..

    see you soon?

  3. oh that.. lay-by product from ecksie store right.. haha! gmarket has clothes.. uhuk.. i think imma go kitschen tmr.. feel like buying clothes i can try on. i need some "me" time :)