Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taiwan 2011 Re-cap ♥

This post is going to be picture heavy!

I want to post my Melbourne May 2011 pictures so badly but I have to first do a re-cap on my visit to Taiwan earlier this year. Oh yes if you have been wondering what happened to Project365- I got so backed up with loading pictures that I just gave up on it. I want to complete a whole year but I guess I will start again in 2012.

Alright, here are the highlights of my trip in chronological order:
Keelung Night Market
Oyster Mee sua (noodles- a local delicacy)
Taiwanese sausages are the BEST!
Hello Kitty everywhere..
Jiu Fen
Taiwanese mochi are pretty yummy too
7 Eleven. Heaven.
Mimi of Henry & Friends
Awesome bathtub
♥  Watsons
Flying Cow Ranch
My favourite picture
Milk hotpot on the ranch
Sun Moon Lake
Tea eggs. Scrumptious.
Wen Wu Temple
Absolutely delicious.
Delicious food daily.
Five Dime Restaurant. Must-see.
Xi Men Ding
Mister Donut. MUST HAVE!
If you are only able to fit one in, I recommend the Original. *YUM*
Taipei 101
Taipei International Flora Expo
Hello Kitty Cafe. Full review here
Wu Fen Pu. Shopping heaven.
In-flight shopping.
And that wraps up my Taiwan 2011 family vacation! The people were friendly, well-dressed.. the food was great, the Watsons, Cosmed, 7 Eleven carried so many products ♥  .  I can't wait to visit again!

Melbourne pictures to come soon!


  1. I like the photo also but i can see a kite hanging on the tree. hahaha. i can't wait for the melbourne post

  2. Hi Xen!
    that was one awesome post!
    i was salivating over your food photos.
    i wish i can taste the sausages right now!
    i saw your kiss me BB cream.
    that's such a lovely coincidence because i also have that one!
    love, love everything about this post!
    can't wait for your melbourne chronicles.
    have a great day!

  3. this post reminds me of how much i need a holiday.. like seriously. i can't wait for ours! ive been such a goodie this yr, i havent been to anywhere but spore! i'll b waiting for ur melb post!

  4. Hi Xen! Great post! I enjoyed looking at those pictures. This made me feel that I want to go for another vacation again :)

    Would like to see more of your travels!

    Visiting here for the first time.
    I followed you!

  5. what a cool trip!!!all the food pictures made me so hungry lol! you made me want to go to taiwan too :D
    btw i tagged you here:
    hope you're doing well!

  6. Love your photos, I really feel like going to Taiwan now! :)

    The Cat Hag

  7. yun: haha i hope i dont take too long with the melb pics :D

    kaye: those sausages were reallly good! yea I liked the eyeliner from that brand so i decided to try their BB cream as well (:

    xc: it feels like youre ALWAYS on holiday but funny now that you mention it, i dont think youve gone anywhere major this yr. i think i'd miss u much if you went away for a week or more.. :C

    krizza: thank you!

    lippi: haha will get to that (and the hadanomy review) soon..

    addie: thank you! i want to visit again soon too (:

  8. Hi Xen, your Taiwan trip looked awesome! I am a big fan of mister donuts hehe. Lovely haul!

  9. Hi, just came across your blog and saw this post. Great pictures! Would love to go to Taiwan now after seeing those photos. I wish I tried Mister Donut when I was in Japan a few months ago!

  10. All that food seems to be soo good! And the city ist very beautiful. One day I'll go to Taiwan too :D