Monday, May 30, 2011

Love tokens and Replacements

From Hong Kong, Sanrio Dim Sum and soy flavored instant noodle..

From Papa, Starbucks vouchers!

From Jagi, a Chanel concealer & super yummy cookies!

From JagiBOY, bits and pieces..

Thank you all! I really appreciate the little love tokens you get me from time to time.

The replacements I speak of? Swapping Darphin for Aesop, and SK-II for Hada Labo Retinol lotion.

I have started using the Hada Labo lotion for about 5 days now and I must say that my skin hasn't felt this soft in a long time. Will wait for a month before I do a review.

By the way, did anyone else receive this? (looks at Jargs)

"Beauty in Bloom" by Chanel. The description is so vague and on the pink card there are notes such as ..

I know its definitely not about their Spring/Summer launch.. Its so intriguing! Or maybe its just to lure me into Chanel to buy something. But I would have willingly walked in anyway :/ Haha. Should I make an appointment? Hmmn.

Anyway, still working on my Melbourne post, I didnt forget! :D

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  1. kitty dim sum!! that was fast on the cookies! did you let some air in? HAHA.. my chanel invites are all to my old address.. #frustrated.. i just updated my add on sunday with u :C

  2. Oh em gee. Your haul is awesome! HOWEVER, the bestest item you got has got the be the HK stuff!!!

  3. cool, so many gifts :) it's so nice of your friends and family C: haven't talked to you in a while now, hope you're doing good!! i can't wait for your review on the hada labo lotion ;)

  4. Heeeeeey wonderful pictures, just awesome :)
    I wish follow you, but i can't see the followers :S
    Can you visit my blog ?