Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Retail Therapy..

.. a day before I left for Melbourne,
 I only paid for the Chanel Concealer, the Aesop Primrose Mask and the Anna Sui Gel Moisturizer. The rest are freebies!

and in Melbourne,
MUST BUYS in Melb:  Alannah Hill headbands, Peter Alexander PJs, delicious smelling body creams, Target opaque tights (LOVE this its great quality x value) and Garnier CleanSensitive Eye Make-Up Remover.

I realized I am buying less these days, counting every penny and thinking twice if it is something I need or just want. Can I wear this next season? Would I wear it more than once? Do I have something similar? I ended up saving so much that I could afford to splurge on a vintage LV (which looks totally new)  

It is time to throw out/donate some shoes again.. this trip, I brought back approximately 15 pairs of shoes. Only 3 are my sister's, 1 which I just bought and the rest were from when I left Melbourne in 2009. And after that, can you believe I STILL have stuff in my sister's apartment?

The whole week went by so fast, when I was taking my last shower it felt like I just landed. Holidays are much appreciated once you have to work and realize time is not at your disposal anymore. That said, I am happy to be home, though the heat is killing me and I can't wait for my next trip! 

Will update my activities for the whole week in the next post!



  1. those creams look delicious.. just by its packaging hehe.. are those shoes still wearable? it's been so many years!

  2. Show me more about damn you auto correct. That thing looks interesting. :)

  3. xc: i take very good care of my shoes (:

    ys: it's a book! so many funny stories in there, i was chuckling in the bookstore :D