Thursday, May 19, 2011


My trip in Melb has been awesome so far, all I have been doing is eating, shopping, taking long walks and revisiting places I used to hang out. I was even at my old University today.

This time around my visit was less hectic, I had no itinerary- I just woke up when I felt like it and went wherever I felt like. The last trip I made sure we ate at different restaurants and covered my fave spots, but this trip I've eaten at Mart 130 twice and I feel like having breakfast there tomorrow.

Such a different vibe this time around. I am enjoying every minute of it.. Cold weather and all. Will be back on Sunday!

On a side note, here are two things which I can cross off my MateriaList..

A belated present from 3 dear friends before I left for my trip.. Thank you!

A black WII!! OMG! So excited! Ive been lemming for one since they came out YEARS AGO but I thought it was a passing fad so I refrained.

Until today! My sister's bf, Roy, informed me that Big W was having a great deal on (AUD 188!!!) but when we checked it out in-stores they were going for the usual AUD 298 for the black set. Roy was so nice to check with the SA and true enough, they had the deal advertised but just didn't display it! (Wii party, my dear friends?? :D)

So excited I'm going to test out the set in a while, I didn't get additional controllers and other accessories because it would be cheaper back in KL. There is a catch to this deal I scored though, but I will reveal it when I return to KL. No, my set isn't a display unit, defective or anything like that- it's just something between my Sis, Roy and I :D

So yeah people if you are in Australia, and are looking to buy a Nintendo Wii, check out Big W!

Note: Roy just updated me that Wii 2 may be out next year, but it's okay it's still a STEAL to me!

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  1. i'm waiting for your melb 2011 posts! :D

  2. hehe soon! i need to update the food blog too~