Sunday, May 1, 2011


Are meant to be time for some R&R but I haven't been feeling 100% the past two Saturdays and did a bit of shopping in a bid to cheer myself up.

I was previously on a makeup/cosmetics ban but I don't know when it lifted because for the past month I have found
myself at home with small bags of cosmetics, somehow unaware of how I let myself go. As of today, the ban is in effect again.

Last week I checked out MAC's Quite Cute collection with Jagi..
Everything was really quite cute, I didn't take pics of the canapes but we had heart shaped smoked salmon on bread, macarons and a few other types. I managed to control myself from any impulse purchases and kept telling myself that I should check out Chanel first before deciding.

I told the SA I was looking for a natural lip colour, she tried Fanfare on me and I was sold! This was the only thing I picked up.

A tiny GWP, I am a NC20!

My colorful meds..

After MAC, we headed to Chanel and my fave SA informed us that the Spring 2011 makeup collection was going to be in 1st May! She told us to check it out online and if we liked anything to give her a buzz and she'd hold it. One of the reasons why I keep going back to her is because she actually remembers me, my name, my sister, and the last time I bought from her was almost a yr ago! It's been almost 3 yrs now since I was first served by her. Great customer service always gets me returning!

What we saw today..
I had already done some research prior to visiting today so I knew exactly what I wanted plus I had called up a few days ago to reserve it.

Rouge Coco Shine in BOY (finally back in stock), Morning Rose polish, Bronze Corail bronzer and a Vitalumiere Eclat refill (this product is LOVE). The rest were GWPs and samples.

Sucha pretty colour, I knew I had to grab one the minute Jargs swiped it on her nails.

We also dropped by Daiso and I bought a bath bomb (but no bathtub, who wants to take me on a holiday/to a hotel room?) and a makeup brush/sponge cleaner. Initially decided against it as I usually use the MAC brush cleaner or a face cleanser, but Jargs said "antibacterial..." and I said OK! I think I am a bit of a germophobe.

Last purchase of the day, a pair of shoes at 50% off!

There were so many men spotted sitting on the couches/benches at the mall today, no doubt there to carry shopping bags. I even saw a few sleeping!

It's a public holiday tomorrow but I will be working because I need the replacement leave for my Melbourne trip! Thank goodness my boss doesn't mind. I might probably be the only one in the office tmr besides the Japanese managers. Okay, no more shopping until Melbourne!

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  1. I love!!! all the cosmetic pics! and I am really liking the Quite Cute MAC collection, but I want to see the colors in person because I hate buying stuff online (and we don't have a MAC store where I live). So I will have to wait a bit until I go to a larger city.

    PS. I made the circles for my Thor dress from shiny silver fabric that I got from the craft store. I swear, they have everything these days!

  2. looking at your haul, I'm afraid to really take pics of mine.. you bought more.. right.. :D *guilt trip attempt*

  3. hiii!
    sorry for the late reply :C
    i was sooo lazy the last few days lol
    but yes, everything's fine with me ^-^ how about you?
    oh my god you bought so much cute stuff!! i especially love the chanel nailpolish and the shoes ♥
    and lol @ the mac ufo-catcher thingie :D

  4. nice haul! the event looks fun! Hope you're feeling better now.. I'm scared of multi-coloured medicines! lol