Saturday, July 13, 2013

Little Twin Stars x Sophie Monk Skincare

I am rather partial to Sanrio collaborations/packaging despite my age..

I've had the Brightening Mask and Body lotion for a while now (expiry next year, better get to using them up) and recently picked up the 2-Day Mask set (blue packaging) at Watsons; but only after scrutinising the ingredient list and making sure where it was made in.

Taiwan generally does good masks so I didn't think twice about purchasing it. Plus the tag line caught my eye "Dullness? Large Pores? Tired skin?" Check. Check. And check.

Brightening mask ingredients
The 2-Day Masks actually come in 2 separate packs- the first is a Intensive Hydrating Mask to be used on Day-1 and for Day-2, there is a Deep Whitening Mask. There are 2 steps for each day and they are packaged separately. I am pretty sure these masks are meant to be used consecutively.

Day-1 and Day-2 steps
Ingredient list for Day-1, Intensive Hydrating essence
The ingredients looks fairly hydrating to me, with collagen and aloe extract high on the list. Judging by the list, I don't think I will experience any irritation with these 2 masks.

Ingredient list for Day-2, Deep Whitening essence
I am no pro with ingredients but I have read enough to know that Niacinamide is used to treat acne, lighten scars and is anti-inflammatory(amongst other functions). Aesop Control Gel also uses this ingredient and it works well for me. Camellia leaf extract is meant to nourish the skin and Chanel uses this flower in their Hydra range too.

All in all, these masks sound promising!

Retailing at around MYR13 for a set of 2-Day Masks.


  1. I'm very drawn to the cuteness of the packaging!

    1. It was what caught my eye initially too! But the ingredients seem legit so hopefully it works :D

  2. Can never go wrong with the packaging <3