Saturday, July 27, 2013

CHANEL Preview: Le Jour, La Nuit & Le Weekend

This is possibly the first time I am posting about a product/launch the same day I attended the event.  I was rather surprised that these products would make its way to Malaysia so soon, when it had only launched in the States a few weeks back. 

As I previously wrote, I was particularly interested in this range as it can be incorporated into any existing regime and the ingredients used sounded okay for my sensitive-acne prone skin. This concept of regenerating the skin is a first for Chanel and in my opinion many other brands as well, and should definitely be embraced given our increasingly hectic lifestyles which in the long run would put a strain on our own skin/body's capability to regenerate itself.

"Where beauty begins..."
Venue was classy and well set-up with attention to detail, as at all Chanel events

No surprises that I came home with all 3 products as I felt they addressed most of my current skin's needs. While I've tried Chanel skincare on and off, I have actually never invested in a full range nor used them all at the same time. This is a first for me with Chanel (not considering their makeup launches).

All 3 products have a different and beautiful scent derived from flowers. When I read that Le Jour (50ml, MYR250) had Jasmine in it, I cringed a little as most perfumes or lotions with this flower in it didn't sit well with me. I sniffed it expecting to find the same explosive Jasmine but to my surprise it was more of a dried, subdued, Jasmine instead which was nice. Sorta like how roses and dried-roses have a same yet different fragrance to it. It pumps out clear and a little thick but when applied has a very light texture and absorbs well. Le Jour can be used under any serum as it works by reactivating the skin and helps boost the following products used. I currently already use 2 different serums in the morning and was informed it is completely okay to use Le Jour underneath them. 

La Nuit (50ml, MYR250) has soothing Frankincense fragrance, very much like those used when meditating but lighter and is a perfect scent for unwinding at the end of the day. The creamy texture is heavier than Le Jour but totally necessary in my opinion as night products should always be more nourishing. It helps regenerate the skin and is meant to be used as a last step of your nightcare, after serum and moisturizer.

Out of the 3, Le Weekend (50ml, MYR313) sounds the most promising and it also reminded me of the Alpha-H Liquid Gold which I have just started to use. The texture is velvety and has a light rose scent (again, not the usual Rose found in most skincare/fragrances) and works during the weekends to renew skin with the 6% glycolic acid content. There is no need to use a serum or moisturizer with this treatment- just apply it after your toner and top it with SPF, once a week, day and night. 

If I had to pick one, it would probably be Le Weekend but I find that my skin would benefit from Le Jour and La Nuit as well. Considering that I don't have to spend much for skincare these days (due to work and gifts), this is actually a good investment and can be used with my current products. The price may sound a little steep but considering that it comes in a 50ml bottle and you don't need much, it should last about 3 months (I go through a 30ml bottle of serum in 2 months when used once a day, everyday).

Am waiting to clear off a few more products on my vanity before breaking open these lovelies, will update again in a few months!

For all Malaysians, these products will be available early August onwards at all Chanel counters.

*On a side note, there will also be limited pieces of the coveted black Chanel eyelash curler for sale. I managed to pick up a few boxes years back, and I stocked up a few today too. They make great gifts. The curve fits my eyelids better than Shu Uemura's legendary curler and MAC's, check it out as they sell out in a blink!



    1. GET IT!!!!! Magic words: "Limited. Edition." haha ;D

  2. I am really interested in your review after using these. Thank you so much for explaining how they work. They haven't reached Europe yet, but we expect it any time. I may get Weekend only, but we will see ;-))

    1. The whole range is really interesting, I have a feeling you may walk away will all of them just because they smell so nice and look really pretty on the vanity! ;D

    2. LOL, I also started to think I might do it! I will try to restrict myself though... Will be hard!