Monday, February 10, 2014

Stolen heart

Spending our lunar new year out of the country is a norm in my family. Our travel destination this year was Japan, and we managed to cover quite a few cities and towns- Kyoto, Osaka, Odaiba, Shizuoka, and Tokyo.

Before we left, I already knew how much I would love Japan and was eagerly anticipating my first visit. All I can say is that, Japan has left me wanting more. The convenience of the cities, cleanliness, the people, THE FOOD!! I did not expect to like this country so much.

I had Japanese cuisine for breakfast, lunch, dinner the whole trip and when I came back, I still wanted more. I liked it so much that I even went to the extent of making them at home.

It's only been 2 days since we got back and I'm already trawling the web for good and easy Japanese cooking sites (Just One Cook Book is an excellent site!).

Toasting sesame seeds
My first attempt at Tamago-yaki, pretty easy! I used the recipe from Just One Cookbook, but would definitely add more mirin next time as I prefer them a little sweeter.

I also made Salmon Fish Head Miso Soup (doesn't look appetizing but I assure you was DELICIOUS!), a Coral, Rocket & Baby Tomatoes Salad with Citrus Sauce and Tamagoyaki. So simple yet hearty.

I've also always been interested in making bentos for lunch but never made the effort. This morning I actually got up earlier and made my sister and I each a set of the below:

Would love to make more bentos to take to work, and will be sharing them along the way.

Please do share if you have any links to easy cooking/bento making tips!


  1. omgosh your tamago looks super legit! and that heart shaped bento looks SOO NOMS i'm tempted to lick my laptop screen LOL!! what kind of patty is that??

    oh and the lip color i'm wearing in that chevron moto post is NYX black label called "Extreme Red" :)

    aww thanks so much.. well you know how it is with weight.. everyday is an uphill battle lol!! i'm still trying everyday i'm trying.. i'm so close to my goal. but sooooooooooo far too.. it's like i just can't get down to the last 10 pounds ugh! i love food too much ::hangs head in shame:: lol!

    1. The tamago is super easy to make! ;D And the patty is the ones they use for barbeque, I just pan fried it.. I am going to try making my own one day hehe

      You look great as it is! No head hanging, your weight loss is quite inspirational, I too am trying to lose some weight myself but not doing very well! All the best for your last 10pounds, I'm certain you'll be able to do it :D