Sunday, February 16, 2014

An Exceptional week


I am so thankful and grateful for all the experiences that have been given to me. Last week was exceptional, I received a gift every day from Wednesday onwards. Two were belated birthday gifts and one is actually from myself to mark an achievement. I really really love everything which I have received!

I've been looking for a small sling, but never came across one which I liked or was willing to pay an arm for. This Longchamp sling is a tan leather and fits all my essentials. Perfect, really!

I used to be a Thomas Sabo girl, but after collecting all the charms I liked, my interest just stopped there. Now I have a new one to customise from Pandora! Simple and chic, I can even wear this on its own.

The Pandora boxes were gifted back to back. When I received the second box a day later, I was crossing my fingers that they wouldn't be the same item! These Cherry Blossom earrings are so pretty and dainty, plus I love the meaning behind this flower. 

My pearl collection grows each year, and each piece has been a gift so far. This is a beautiful classic piece which I will definitely treasure for years to come. The jeweller from Imayo, Isetan KLCC, mentioned he just brought this batch of pearls back from Tokyo just a few weeks back. This is set with 3 little diamonds on the dangle and the chain is adjustable so I can wear it long or very short/choker style- ingenious! 

And lastly, this beautiful leather bag from Gucci in a champagne colour with light gold hardware. I have not seen this colour on another bag aside from a Chanel jumbo lambskin and was super excited when I got this. The chains on the Soho Shoulder Bag can be pulled to one side to lengthen/shorten and carried 2 ways. Perfection!

Thank you all so so much for the beautiful gifts, words can not describe how lucky and blessed I feel to be showered with such material gifts and love.

The value of a gift is not measured by the price tag on it, but by the thoughts and consideration which were put into the gift selection..




    where do i even start lol?!

    those pandora earrings are beautiful! i love dainty pretty floral studs! and i love diamonds ANYTHING lololol!

    but let's talk about your GORGEOUS gucci. OMGOSH the color is AMAZE!! it's so unique and pretty and i love that you went with an all leather bag.. i feel like most ppl always do fabric with gucci. the all leather looks stunning!

    thank you soo so much for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment! i hope you're visit more frequently :)

    i've been "dieting" i hate the word dieting tho i prefer "lifestyle change" haha. and i have lost some weightl.. honestly no real secret just a lot of portion control and calorie counting!! i know sounds so lame right haha. but seriously the calorie counting works.. it sucks but it works haha. i haven't reached my goal weight yet.. but i'm hoping too this year and i think when i do i'll do a thorough blog post documenting my before and after and what i've done!! hang tight :)!!

    1. Hi Lisa! Thank you for dropping by :D Would you believe if I said your lambskin gold Chanel was the trigger for this happy purchase?? haha

      Will be anticipating your updates re your lifestyle change! Now that you mention, you have been sneaking in the calorie values of drinks/snacks in your posts ;D

  2. EHHHH i love the tattoo script! did you get it done in KL?

    1. Yes! hehe its by Pink Tattoos in Bangsar.. just got it touched up few days ago and it looks even better now. My artist was Fin, she's really patient and good with script too (my sis has a 2nd piece with her). Btw.. I miss your writing!!