Friday, February 21, 2014

Estilo Spanish Tapas Bar & Grill @ Publika, KL

Estilo Spanish Tapas Bar & Charcoal Grill
(same row as The Bee)
No 34, Level G2 Block C5, 
Publika Solaris Dutamas, 
Jln Dutamas 1, 
50480, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 6203 9883

My weekends (if they aren't spent sleeping in) usually see me out trying new places to eat. As much as I like to cook, I also enjoy eating out. Look how fresh and vibrant the colours are in the dishes below!

Chicken Salad
Foie Gras
Can't remember what this was
Estilo Paella
Everything was tasty, but what surprised me was the Foie Gras. For the price it was listed (MYR 28//USD 9) we really weren't expecting much. But it turned out quite good. Affordable, tasty and great ambience.

Would definitely be back for seconds, posting this is making me hungry!


  1. OMG DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL! you have spanish tapas in malaysia?! i can't get this kind of food in Germany so i'm crazzzy jealous right now lol!!!

    i loveeee love foie gras and that piece for $9 bucks is LEGIT impressive! and that escargot in that cream sauce over what looks to be like some sort of fried potato?? UGH DROOL!! i'm literally salivating.

    xen, i have to say thank you. you have no idea what you latest comment meant to me. i actually have been thinking about giving up blogging for awhiole. but it's comments like yours that really help me to change my mind. i'm really glad you feel like i'm talking to you.. because well i am!! lol!! i want to develop friendships and relationships with other ppl through my blog and hopefully one day we'll get to meet :)

    and yes i try not to blog about unhappy depressing negative things.. because negativity begets negativity.. why spread it!! i personally think when someone is super negative all the time it just means they're unhappy and they want others to be unhappy because misery loves company!.. and really why would you want that out in the world?

    i'm so happy your comment really made my day.. i can't wait for my husband to come home because i'm going to show him the comment lol!!! thank you hon!!!

    1. Hi Lisa! You might not have Spanish tapas in Germany but you have pork knuckles and sausages and sauerkrauttt /yummm haha

      I really do enjoy your blog, and yes when you do make your travels down to this side of the world, it would be my pleasure to bring you around (:

      Very well said, like attracts like, so its best to keep our thoughts and words happy and kind. Both you and your husband are so sweet! Your convos always makes me LOL hope you had a great weekend :D


  2. I hopped over from Lisa's blog after reading your very thoughtful comment to her. You're my neighbour up north. Hehehe... I'm from Singapore. The food looks lovely and I'm a huge fan of foei gras! They must be those pan-seared ones and not those mashed ones. $9 is woot! I would love to sink my teeth into some buttery velvety foei gras now.

    1. Hi Jo! Yes, I too find pan seared foie gras tastier than the pate variant, USD9 is really quite a steal haha, then again Singapore has many awesome cafes too- will be dropping by your blog for references! Thank you for leaving a comment (: