Friday, March 28, 2014

Little ball of fur!

Presenting the cutest, most adorable, obedient, lovable dog I have ever met... Choko!

Choko is a apricot poodle who wears a tuxedo (white chest and marking on feet), he loves sleeping, car rides, walks in the park, his stinky tennis ball and enjoys eating riceballs.

Choko circa mid 2013

His temperament fits our family dynamics so well and we all love him so much. Choko is also very well-trained and allows us to snuggle him for long periods (something which I enjoy doing every night!). Poodles generally don't shed much, but we do brush him daily- else he looks unruly.

Choko's baby tooth! So cuuuute

Having him in our family has brought nothing but joy to our lives. He's made us laugh so much and even when he does nothing, we can't help but coo over how adorable he is. Understandably, not everyone shares the same enthusiasm I have for dogs, these people don't necessarily hate dogs but would rather just not touch one- stray and domesticated ones alike. I know of friends and even relatives who are like this, but once they meet Choko, they all *LOVE* him! Snuggling him, taking pictures, wanting to kidnap him. He just draws people to him and we can't figure out what it is!

This extends to people who encounter Choko on his daily walks around the park where I live, many not knowing our names (walker of the day would be either my parents, my self or my sister) but would ask us, "Is this Choko?", remembering the dog but not the owners LOL. Strangers have come up asking for pictures, saying he looks like a bear, asking my parents if they could breed Choko. There are also runners who whiz by, but not before waving or smiling to Choko- whilst ignoring the walker-of-the-day. This is the norm and has happened many, many times. LOL.

Choko turned 2 in March, but he will always be a puppy to us..


A week ago, Choko had his first roadtip.. he was so good and we didn't have any issues at all. Everything was on schedule, eating, pooping and even pee-ing (we brought his pee-pads). I did however have a slight concern when we were heading out for dinner.. we were leaving him all alone, free to roam, in a house which he had never visited until that day. We came back 3 hours later to a eager pup sitting by the door and no mess or ripped furniture in sight *phew* I knew you were a good boy!

His favourite neck pillow LOL

Okay, enough of adorable Choko pictures, I shall end the post with the "real" Choko LOL, I laughed so hard..

Why are you laughing at me? What??
BAHAHAH.. we love you Choko!!!


  1. Ooh... I think I would love Choko. He sounds like an adorable darling. Well, I know what you mean about people not sharing the same enthusiasm but ended up liking Choko. I had the same experience with my now deceased cat Simba. Even people who don't particularly like cats would like Simba.

    That's so cute how he look with the fake lashes! Oh my, you're a famous blogger for people to actually recognise Choko from your blog!

    I just followed you via bloglovin too. Thanx for following and let's continue to keep in touch!

    1. Choko really is a darling to our family ;D He brings us so much laughter!

      Sorry to hear about Simba, would you be considering another pet? I think you misread my words hehe, Choko is the famous one! People at the park recognize him, not us hehe

      Thank you for following, looking forward to more posts from you!

  2. OMG, he is soooo adorable! LOL. Glad that he has brought so much joy into your lives :-)


    1. Hehe thank you! He has indeed and may he continue for many many more years! :D