Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Travels: Melbourne, Sept 2013

Melbourne, a city which will always hold a special place in my heart.

A friend asked why I would revisit Melbourne over and over again, why not spend the money and time exploring another country? There is only so much I can see and do this lifetime, and I am contented revisiting this beautiful place which I once called home. 

I understand the whole idea of a holiday is to travel to places unseen, discover and revel in all that it has to offer, but sometimes I just want to get away and enjoy the familiar things I have come to love. It's like when people who live in the city travel back to their hometowns for some relaxation; a little extravagant but Melbourne is that special happy place for me.

I am forever thankful that my parents gave me the best they could, and gave me their support when I decided to spend those years abroad. The essential years I spent growing up between 18 - 23, discovering who I am and moulding myself were all spent in Melbourne. So many memories I hold dear, places which have stories to tell, experiences which can never be bought.. perhaps it is nostalgia which keeps me going back.. but as long as I have the time and finances for my yearly trips, and as long as it still makes me happy, I will go.

Months overdue, but here are some snippets of what I did my last visit...

I always miss the convenience of trams and trains..
Shopping for a friend..

Can never leave Melbourne without eating one of these bratwursts
Victoria Markets
Max Brenner!!! Waffles and White Chocolate Chai 
Huxtaburger!! Forgot to snap pics but they were the BEST burgers I've had
My friends' Japanese spitzes, Chiyo and Yoji
Such a pretty boy..
BAHAHHA No-neck-Yoji
It was sooooooo good!
I had one of the best steaks in my life prepared by my gracious friend who's a chef, and the other who's a baking enthusiast gave me the recipe for the Earl Grey Tea Crumble Butter Cake. Looking at that slab of meat now is making me hungry.

They took me to their fave pho joint.. /slurp
Took away banh mi for later..
Best red velvet cupcake from Little Cupcakes.. I always pick up a box when I visit
There is always so much to eat and do in Melbourne, but I always make it a point to try out new places and revisit old favourites too.

Street performers..
Went for a wash&blow just because I was on holiday LOL
LOVE these ice-cream sandwiches!!
So good!
State library...
Another old favourite- I Carusi for their pizzas, I *must* have the Salmon and the Potato pizza

Spent my last day by St Kilda beach just enjoying the breeze and people watching. I used to come here with different groups of friends, so many different memories..

Every time when my trip ends, I ask myself if I really want to return again, to do the same things.. to eat at the same restaurants, walk the same streets.. and the answer is yes (as long as time and finances permit).

Besides these colourful gems below, I didn't do much shopping this time around. Had them sent to my friend's home before I arrived and picked up one at the airport. My little pleasures in life...

Until my next trip, dear Melbourne!



  1. So glad you had a wonderful time in Melbourne! I live in Melbourne myself and couldn't imagine living anywhere else! :) xx

    1. Hi Jasmine, I always leave with new memories.. and I am sure a lot of Melbournians feel the same way! It's hard to explain what is so special about Melbourne but once you've lived there, you'll know ;D

      Hope you've been well!


  2. omgosh your pictures are AMAZEEE!! melbourne looks like my kind of place!!! the food looks AMAZE! (lol is it bad that i totally plan my trips around food/restaurants???)

    everything you ate looks sooo so delicious!

    your blowdry looks so pretty :)

    omgosh your collection of chanel polishes is so fab i love it! so many pretty colors!

    lol i just donate it.. my clothes really aren't that expensive.. i buy a lot of throwaway clothes from f21/h&m ect. so it's only like $20 US.. and alterations is so expensive here in Europe.. it's like $20 EU's to get something altered.. more then the cost of the clothing item.. so to me it's not worth it lol.. and bonus. i get to shop for new clothes haha!


    1. HAHA Melbourne really is all the above! Great food, beautiful spots, excellent hairstylists (seriously even the cheap ones are really good!).

      Chanel polishes are my little luxuries, I do own quite a few but only colours which I will actually use hehe.

      Hmmnn alterations do sound expensive in Europe, oh wells, here's to more shopping then! ;D


  3. looks like a fab places, love the architecture here, and the food! ya I agree trains are the best way to travel, so convenient!!

    1. Yes, Melbourne is a beautiful city and a melting pot of culture (: Everyone should visit at least once, I reckon :D

  4. Wow, that bratwurst! What place do you get that from? Just based on your food pics I'll have to add Melbourne to my list of travel destinations..

    1. The bratwurst was from Victoria Markets, theres a little shop which sells just bratwursts and there is always a queue (which moves rather quickly). So good and only costs AUD5!

      There are many beautiful cities in Australia, but if I had to pick a favourite, it would definitely be Melbourne. Where are you currently living, Linh? (:

  5. I could see why Melbourne would be special to you since you spent your formative years there. It sounds like you have a sort of homecoming with each visit. It looks such a pretty city. I would love to visit but the thought of the lengthy flight from NYC rattles me.

    To answer your question, the restaurant did provide extra long chopsticks and they made it much easier and fun to eat :)

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. HAHA, I've never thought about it that way but now that you've mentioned, I do seem to have a little homecoming whenever I visit ;D

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!

  6. Love your Melbourne pictures especially the food pictures :-) I love Sydney when I was there in 2008 and although I only spent 2 weeks there, it was the best trip I ever had. Always reminiscence my time there but I would probably choose to visit Melbourne instead if I ever go to Australia again.


    1. When you do visit Melbourne, please let me know which city you enjoyed better.. haha, there is this age long question and debate over which is the "better" city to live in between Sydney-siders and Melbournians ;D would be nice to hear feedback from someone neutral.

      Have a good weekend ahead, Victoria!