Wednesday, March 19, 2014

#Dannisa (Dan & Isa)

2 Sundays ago one of my closest girlfriends got married! She's the second one in the group and it was all very exciting, the customary jip san leong (where Bridesmaids lay out a set of tasks for the Groom and his men to complete before they can get to the Bride), tea ceremony and lastly dinner reception.

Isabel and I met at college and we continued our studies together in Melbourne; funny thing was we both didn't know that the other was going to be in the same city. Nothing happens by coincidence, and from that one Friendster message (yes, Friendster! Not Facebook LOL) our wheels of friendship were already set in motion. I don't think either of us knew then that our friendship would blossom and become what it is today.

She has grown to be a great friend, and I can not thank her enough for the support and crazy laughter she has provided throughout the years. Her husband is an amazing man, kind, thoughtful, turns into a professor when tipsy/drunk but most of all he truly loves her and it is apparent to all around them.

Congratulations, Daniel and Isabel! 

Bridesmaids galore! Ala Oscars selfie style..
Myself, YL, XC
Awaiting the arrival of the Groom & his Men..
SY, an upcoming Bride in August, & I.. can't wait~
Makeup for the morning was kept simple, BB cream, eyeliner, blush and a natural lippie.

The Groom arrives!
Men in tights LOL Gearing up to perform "Can't Touch This"- MC Hammer
We had a few tasks prepared for them and one of the Bride's requests was that the Groom had to dance and sing (separately) as one of the challenges. This isn't to humiliate him and his Men but more to have him do something he otherwise would never. They did get a few weeks to practice so they were sorta prepared. What they didnt expect though, were the colourful pants!

Sundaes on Sunday!
Our version of tim-shuen-fu-latt (sweet-sour-bitter-spicy), very nicely presented, no? Starting at the bottom- chopped bittergourd with square of dark chocolate, Mars bar with caramel sauce, crushed biscuits with wasabi paste and frozen Greek yoghurt with 2 lemons chopped and squeezed in. Yums! LOL

Groom singing One Direction's "One Thing" complete with guitar & backup singers
It was so heart-warming to watch the Groom start off nervous and shaky but towards the end he was so into it and even doing hand gestures! After this last hurdle, there was a tea ceremony with the Bride's family and off we went to the Groom's home.


The Newlyweds!
At the couple's new home..
Blushing bride and I...
After a photo-session we headed to the hotel room to rest, have our hair and makeup done and wait for dinner at night. The ever gracious Bride arranged a room for us to go crazy in (we did; ordered room service, laughed hysterically and squealed like a bunch of highschoolers at a sleepover). It is really rare to get everyone together these days and this was such a good catch up.


Ynez & Nadya


Us on stage after the march-in...
Loved my sister's hair, done by Sato, 76Style Mont Kiara

Party people at Table27! My friends are so pretty!!
First married couple in our group
To-be-married couple!
From Melbourne to KL 
End of the night- tipsy, lying on the plush Shangri-La bed, sniffed my bouquet, ate the deeelicious chocs and fell asleep

But not before capturing some silly antics the guys were up to LOL.

Wishing you both happiness and joy as you start a new chapter in life!!

♥ ♥ 


  1. Hello dear great blog,would you like to followe each other,let me know :)

    1. Hi Ilda, I dont use GFC anymore but if you would like to connect I am on Bloglovin'. Thank you for dropping by!

  2. awww heart this post so much!! i love seeing people's weddings hehe!!

    their wedding was so pretty!! you and your girlfriends are all look so beautiful and the bride is absolutely stunning :)

    to answer your questions no. most of the restaurants seem to be a blanket asian restaurant.. literally some of the restaurant names are actually "asia restaurant" lolol. and they don't really separate like the type of food it is.. like most of the "asia restaurants" serve very german-fied chinese/thai/vietnamese food all at the same place.. it's not very good at all. however the blogger photos you saw for the blogger meet up was in dusseldorf germany which is the LARGEST ex-pat community of japanese IN THE WORLD!! so it was pretty authentic but most of the rest of germany is not like that haha.

    lolol. tar-jay is the way ppl joking refer to target.. because it makes it sound more fancy! :)

    1. LOLL thank you for the clarification on tar-jay ;DD

  3. Love the nighttime makeup! Would love a tutorial or a list of products that you used!

    1. Hi Linh, I really liked it too! A MAC makeup artist was actually present to do all the bridesmaid's makeup so I can't give you a full list of what was used as I dont remember, sorry! But he did say something about using neutrals and browns as I wanted to use my own red lippie.

      I'm going to try and recreate the look, and if I succeed, I will share it here :D The only 3 things I know for sure was that he used a light purple loose pigment on my inner corner of the eyes and also the lippie used was actually mine, a CHANEL Rouge Coco Gabrielle and I re-lined my eyes with Bobbi Brown's Black gel liner. Hope that helps a teeny bit!

      Thank you for dropping by and leaving a comment!

    2. Yes that helps and there is hope for the rest of the look! Haha, thanks for your effort. I love how the inner corner of your eyes glow in that picture with your sister!

    3. HAHA, thank you for checking back! ;D I will get to it soon! You dont have a blog linked to your profile, but would you have Instagram or something where I can follow you on?

  4. Aw congratulations to the sweet couple! How wonderful that you two ended up in the same city after college. Isabel's qipao was gorgeous and what a pretty choice for bridesmaid dresses. It looks like a dress you could actually wear again for another occasion. I like how you coordinated you nails and your makeup was really lovely as well.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

    1. Hi Rowena, Isabel has excellent taste and yes, I would definitely be wearing this for another event. I've heard many stories of how bridesmaids dresses are usually unflattering but so far, I have had 2 beautiful dresses to add to my wardrobe.

      Thank you for your compliments, the makeup artist did a great job! (: