Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Empties: July 2012

Though I was out of the country for a few months, I still kept up with my Empties project, bringing along skincare to finish up. I managed to refrain from buying any skincare/makeup during my time away but when I got back.. I treated myself to a few things which I thought I needed.

Looking at my stash now, it has downsized to quite a manageable pile. I only have body butters and makeup removers to really finish up. My best friend on the other hand.. Over the weekend I was helping her pack up to move and I managed to fill up 1 cabin sized trolley bag, 1 large weekend bag and 1 medium sized bag, full of NEW and UNOPENED beauty products. I was left to deal with cosmetics and skincare while she did the rest of the room and every 30 mins or so she would appear with a few products which were left forgotten in a corner/under the daybed.

I thought I was a hoarder until I went through her stash, and not to forget we were in Sephora just the day before. I really love beauty products but as time passes, I am being more selective and cutting back on impulse purchases. That said, I still ended up with a pile of things I don't really need (I was also in Melbourne a week back and couldn't help stocking up on certain products). Guess I won't be buying beauty products for a long while.

My July empties:

1. HABA Squalane Oil
This oil has many benefits but sadly I found it to be too oily for my face and it was sitting untouched for way too long on my dresser. Perhaps I was using it the wrong way? I ended up finishing it on my elbows and arms. Repurchase? No.

2. ORIGINS Out of Trouble Mask, 100ml
This has been my go-to mask in Melbourne whenever my skin acted up, it has a cooling sensation and my skin does feel smoother after use. It is my second bottle and it lasts a long time. This purifies and calms my sensitive skin without making it burn (like most clay masks do). Repurchase? Maybe after I finish my Aesop mask.

3. HOLIKA HOLIKA 3 Seconds Starter (Hyaluronic Acid), 150ml
This is meant to be used before a toner, to prep the skin. Initially it worked, and I felt my skin to be smoother but after a while I did not seem to feel the difference anymore. Maybe my skin got used to it. This lasted me for about 3 months. Repurchase? No, but I still have one more bottle to finish up.

*AVENE Cleanance Sunscreen [sample size]
I really like this sunscreen, I was apprehensive initially as most sunscreens are greasy and tend to clog my pores- but this one didn't and my skin wasn't oily when I used it. Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic for acne prone skin with SPF30. Repurchase? Maybe when I go on a beach holiday as my skincare/makeup already has SPF in it.

*SISLEY Eye and Lip Contour Cream, 2ml [sample size]
An anti-ageing cream for eyes and lips which aids in reducing puffiness, fine lines and dark circles. Eye creams usually cause me milia or sting my eyes but this one didn't and it did seem to make my eye contour smoother. This sample size lasted me for a month. Repurchase? Maybe, if it isn't too pricey.

*ETUDE HOUSE Skin Malgeum Toner (Exfoliation) and Emulsion [sample size]
This was part of a GWP when I bought polishes from them, I know I said only high end/natural products on my face but this toner really impressed me, the scent is really nice and it doesn't dry my sensitive skin out. It is also made from a fruit acid complex and is free from parabens, animal ingredients, dyes, and mineral oil. Read more here. The emulsion was okay, nothing I especially liked or didn't like about it. Repurchase? Yes, I have already bought the Toner but I still have Clarins, Aesop and Laneige toners to finish up. 

4. CEDEL Dry Shampoo
I much prefer the other brands which I have tried, this doesn't perform as well as the BATISTE. I find it more powdery and the scent a little "old". Repurchase? No.

5. BATISTE Dry Shampoo & 6. ADIDAS Action 3 Deodorant
Both have been reviewed here.

Total products emptied: 6
Total thrown out: 0
Total: 6
Total Feb - July: 57

August empties to come soon as well as my recent purchases and adventure abroad! *phew*


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    1. just no more shopping for skincare & bodycare until I stock take in 6 months haha :D