Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Empties: August 2012

Empties post for the month of August..

1. LIESE Hair Cocktail
A leave in moisturizing serum for your hair. It has a fizzy peach scent to it and you have to shake it to combine the two layers of liquid. It works okay, but then again my hair is usually in a pretty good condition. Repurchase? No, nothing awesome about it plus I have heaps of other hair products to finish. This bottle took me 2 years!!

2. MY BEAUTY DIARY Peach Soda Eye & Lip Makeup Remover
This is also a bi-phase makeup remover, so you have to shake it to mix the liquid. I use the Bobbi Brown eyeliner gel and it is very tough to remove, but this remover performed very well and did not cause irritation to my sensitive eyes. There is a light peach scent but nothing too strong. Repurchase? Not at the moment. I have others to finish up.

3. CAUDALIE Beauty Elixir
A face mist which contains essential oils. I love the scent and the slight tingly sensation but the mist dispenser is not as good as the Grape Water Face Mist from the same brand. Initially I did feel a difference on my skin but after a month, my skin felt the same with or without it. I also ran out of it fairly quickly (I was probably over-misting due to the dispenser). For the price, I expected it to do more for my face. Repurchase? No, I would prefer to use face oils and a separate face mist.

4. CLARINS Foaming Body Exfoliator
This was a trial sized product I received, and is definitely a keeper. It's a two-in-one which scrubs and cleans. The granules are fine but you can still feel them, it is a perfect my sensitive skin. It really did leave my skin much smoother and I like it that I don't have to use it separately from a body wash. Repurchase? Yes!

5. SHU UEMURA Deep Sea Hydrability Toner
Also a trial sized product, the toner from this range is supposed to hydrate the skin. It has a marine scent and leaves my skin a little tacky after use. I used this on-off for a few weeks as I suspected it broke my skin out everytime I used it. Perhaps it would be better for someone with dry/normal skin. Repurchase? No.

6. SEXY GIRL Body Mist (Baby Savon)
This body mist was purchased in Singapore about 2 years back together with the Liese Hair Cocktail. It smells like baby powder and is a body mist. I can't vouch for the moisturizing properties but it does leave me smelling fresh and clean. Repurchase? No. I have given up on body mists, only proper lotions/creams for me now.

7. SK-II Eye Treatment Film
One of the more affordable items from this brand- this eye film has a gel-like texture which is refreshing on my eyes and absorbs quickly. One tube lasts me a long time and this is my second tube, it does not irritate my eyes (like most eye creams/gels do) and seems to keep my eye area smooth. Repurchase? Yes.

8. PERFECT WHIP Cleansing Foam
Bought in Taiwan, I used this on my face to remove makeup on lazy days. It does an okay job but does dry the skin out a little. I had such a hard time finishing this as you only need a little bit for each wash (it really foams up). I ended up using this generously on my body just to get rid of it. Repurchase? No. But I still have half a bottle from my sister, am using that to clean synthetic makeup brushes.

9. HADA LABO Moisturizing Lotion
A lotion which is meant to be used after cleansing, this lasted me for approximately 3-4 months. A friend of my uses this and has really smooth skin so I picked this up. It does moisturize my skin a little and did not break me out but that was about it. I have tried other products which work better for my skin. Also available is a firming lotion (red packaging) which is touted as the alternative to SK-II's Essence, I have also tried that but I still find SK-II's to be superior. Repurchase? No.

Total products emptied: 9
Total thrown out: 0
Total: 9
Total Feb - August: 66


  1. Heyyyyy Xen!!
    What's up?? I'm still alive lol :D
    Wow, you've been posting so much lately, I can barely keep up reading all your posts x_x
    The "my beauty diary" remover looks so cute and it's great that it also performs so well :) now I want to try it too! I still haven't tried any Caudalie products even though they sell those here :/
    I hope you're doing super great!!

    1. Hello Lippi! You've been quiet for wayy too long! I'm currently on a break so I have a bit more time to write hehe. Yes, the makeup remove is pretty good and it is cheap too. Caudalie has a few great products you should really try them out if you are interested in natural skincare (: Hope alls been well on your side of the world too!