Friday, January 21, 2011

Crabtree & Evelyn Summer Hill Body Lotion Review

Crabtree & Evelyn

What is it?
Summer Hill -scented- Body Lotion, 30ml bottle (was in a gift set)

Claims? (from website)
Our light silky formula with milk proteins, linden flower, mallow and honey absorbs quickly to soothe, moisturize and condition your skin.

How to use it?
Apply liberally all over your hands and body after shower. Since I am using this in the office, I reapply everytime after I wash my hands.

Things to note?
This lotion has a pretty strong floral scent. It's like a bouquet of lilies mixed with wild flowers or something. Not that I know what wild flowers smell like. Pleasant but too strong for my liking- I feel like I'm developing a migraine.

My review:
I received this in a gift set, smells expensive and the texture is light but not runny. It absorbs rather quickly without any greasy feel too. It left my hands feeling soft, but the scent gets to me a little. Perhaps I will use this on my legs instead so I don't have to deal with the smell. My hands and arms feel smooth to the touch but if I wash my hands (even after few hours of application) it turns slightly sticky and slimey under the running water- it is as if the cream created a film or layer over my skin? It washes off easy tho. Some people might like it cause it creates a "barrier" to lock in moisture but I just feel like it was never absorbed into my skin, instead it was just sitting atop it. Me no likey.

Conclusion: No go for me. Even Nivea does it better.


  1. seriously, ive got 6 of these.. i buy gift sets for my clients and they gave me so many of these free.. havent tried them yet.. :S

  2. eeps.. pleasepleaseplease start using em- then at least if you know you dont like, you can gift them away! hehe

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