Friday, January 28, 2011

Project365: Day #20 - 27

Thursday: I like trying new snacks! Though I do try to restrict my junk intake. These two don't get any love- all I tasted was Seaweed and Wasabi.

Friday: Online shopping brings me joy! I love ripping em open and getting giddy with excitement over what's inside.

Saturday: A lot of people have qualms over buying something 'vintage' or 'pre-loved'. I don't. Infact, I haven't been to a good Vintage sale since I left Melb. The Chic Pop Bazaar at Jaya One offered heaps of great items- too bad if you missed it!

Sunday: VV hosted a sleepover- she had 7 girls over, including herself. At this age it is SO RARE to get all of us for dinner together let alone at a sleepover. Prior to this year, we have all been scattered all over the world..

Monday: Had a day off and celebrated my birthday early with family. I like my steaks red and bloody. Gyu tataki.. mMmmm

Tuesday: Happy Birthday to Me! Had so much cake from my sis and friends that I still have leftover in the fridge today (Thurs).

Wednesday: Know what grinds my gears? Drivers/Motorists who don't have working rear lights. Do they have any idea how dangerous that is? Btw, I took this pic when the car was stationary. Note how all other cars have their brake lights on.

Thursday (today): Japanese/Taiwanese/Chinese mags are great way to unwind for the day. I cant read Chinese but I buy them for the pictures and gifts.

Been slacking with my daily posts, I need to update pics for Project365 more regularly!

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