Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Much ♥

SURPRISE #1 from Jagi
Ta-dah! I wont forget how I 'let' her buy the last bag for herself, but she gifted it to me 5 mins later
Early Birthday Lunch at Jake's Charbroil Steaks.
Perfect Juicy Medium  
Birthday Lunch with Awesome GFs ♥ 

SURPRISE #2 from Veevern (where did you find it?!) 
Read here for history.
Dinner Date with Baby Sen and Roy ♥ 
SURPRISE #3 from Papa.
Not ONE, but TWO spanking new iPads. One for Meimei. 64GB of HD movies and games here I come.
(Meimei has found a converter and is converting as I type. Nyehehe)
Got this back in Sept 2010 as an early Christmas/birthday present but it's still sitting  pretty in the box.

Dreams really do come true. All you have to do is list them out, ask and the Universe will take care of it. But becareful with what you ask for- you might just get it. I've learnt to be very very careful with what thoughts I put out. The law of Attraction. Thank you everyone for your sweet thoughts, gifts and little gestures of LOVE I truly appreciate everything. Right down to the Birthday song you guys sang (loudly) *melts*. Proper Dinner with the GROUP soon. Everyone's busy rushing off work before the long holidays. Garibaldi this Friday, popping Roy's Foie Gras cherry on Saturday! :D


  1. looks like an awesome birthday this year! and your celebration's still not over yet.. so nice.. *hint hint* wtf haha!

  2. Urgh.."popping roy's foie gras cherry" sounds so gross..hawt presents *flips hair*