Sunday, February 13, 2011

Project365: Day #28 - 43

Long overdue but I have been taking my daily pics!

Friday, 28 Jan- My friends took me out for dinner (my birthday was earlier that week) at Garibaldi. Thank you all (:

Saturday, 29 Jan- Celebrated Roy's belated birthday at Dish. The steak was soooo good!

Sunday, 30 Jan- I re-dyed my hair with Liese again. This time I went for Marshmallow Brown. Love it!

Monday, 31 Jan- Tried my luck at the Sanrio store in Lot 10. They have this lucky dip where you pay MYR30 for a draw and there are many cute and functional goodies to be won. I was very happy with my draws!

Tuesday, 1 Feb- It was a state holiday so the whole of KL had a day off. JagiBOY took me to this junkyard to sell off some old papers. It really was an interesting sight for me..

Wednesday, 2 Feb- The night before the Lunar New Year. Also the first time in at least 2 years that I've laid my fingers on the piano.

Thursday, 3 Feb- Happy New Year! I didn't take any pics today, the only one I received was from JagiBOY so it'll have to do.

Friday, 4 Feb- I nearly caved in and got this bag in purple. It's not expensive, but I don't need any more bags so the money goes into my BAG FUND hehe.

Saturday, 5 Feb- After much deliberation, I put in my first order at Sereni & Shentel. Gorgeous headbands, all handmade!

Sunday, 6 Feb- Had tea at Pastis cafe in Gardens, I like the food + presentation. Will def be back. Pictured: Virgin mojito in test tubes! Don't be fooled by the amount of liquid in the tubes- they may look little but there is quite a bit.

Monday, 7 Feb- A picture of my food/tea drawer. I am trying to drink at least one cup of tea a day when I am in the office. Preferably green.

Tuesday, 8 Feb- JagiBOY wanted to keep the dinner venue a secret but gave the plot away when he asked- Would you like Swedish food for dinner? HAHA. Where else?! IKEAs cranberry sauce is love.

Wednesday, 9 Feb- That block of cheese weighs 5 kg!! Huge as!! Can't wait for the cheese fair to start..

Thursday, 10 Feb- Fireworks outside my window.

Friday, 11 Feb- Reminiscing the moments captured by these instaxs..

Saturday, 12 Feb- All packed and ready to go!

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