Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Date Night

It has been a while!! Sometimes I imagine my life if I still lived in a foreign country (Melbourne mostly) and how it would be like; working and living with JagiBOY. To have more time for myself, for us and to do the things I like. 

When I was living abroad, I used to commute daily; train-tram-walk. I really enjoyed it because it gave me more time to put on makeup, get dressed, read, daydream and plan out the day. Public transportation is relatively clean, on time and safe; roads have proper lanes for pedestrians to cross and pavements are safe for walking (in heels). 

Back in Kuala Lumpur, none of these options are viable. People drive everywhere- public transportation is only an option if you don't drive/live extremely close to a station. Trains here are generally dirty, littered with pickpockets, oh and people shove you to get in/out of the train (without letting people off first!). Pavements are uneven, there are holes and chips- not safe for heels at all

So I drive- an hour (each way) to get to work and back; I have to endure the crazy heavy traffic to get into the city centre everyday. On weekends, my home is only 15-20 minutes from my workplace, so you can imagine my frustration. During the rainy season, it gets worse; once it took me 2 hours to get home. There is only so much I can do in the car: sing, play games on my phone (Triple Town!!!), sing some more.

I miss commuting to and fro using the train, trams and walking. Convenience is something I expect a city to offer, and I miss it terribly! 

Convenience >> time saved >> more time to spend with loved ones i.e more Date Nights!!

What do other people do when stuck in traffic?


  1. ugh i hate being stuck in traffic :c i usually commute so it doesn't happen to me very often :D thank god!! but when i drive and i get cought up in a traffic jam, i like to listen to music super loud and sing haha! i can do that for hours ^_^ i would never sing at home like i do in the car lol
    your dress (or shirt?) looks really cute!! i hope you two had fun at your date night!
    and about my glasses: yes they're new :) i just bought them! found them in the men's department for about 7€ !

  2. I think I sing even louder than when I usually do at karaoke :D Im actually wearing a top, but a lot of people ask if its a dress cause i pair it with a skirt of similar material :D we did have fun but i wish we had more energy, these days it gets so hectic at work we just wanna sleeeeeeeppp LOL