Friday, March 16, 2012

Guerlain Family


Besides Chanel, I am also partial to Guerlain cosmetics; their luxurious products and packaging always pull me in. Their Meteorites range is tinged with the scent of violet, I really like it. If I had to pick only one product from this brand, I would say go for their primers (Cruel Gardenia is a LE so it doesn't count :D). They are little bit more expensive than other high-end brands but you will definitely see a difference.

The powders don't get much use because they look so pretty, and I dont want to ruin them but I really should break this habit of buying just for keeps!

1. Meteorites Compact Pressed Powder Illuminating and Mattifying: I have only lightly brushed this once, the texture is so smooth and fine! Great for touch ups but the powder puff which comes with it feels flat and cheap.

2. Meteorites Cruel Gardenia Iridescent Illuminating Face Powder: The 3D flowers are so pretty.. it is supposed to leave an iridescent veil to beautify the skin and give a radiant glow. The packaging could be improved but other than that its a great product. Limited Edition.

3. Meteorites Travel Touch Voyage Powder: Gives a matte finish and leaves skin feeling silky corrects any flaws and gives a naturally illuminated complexion. Haven't used this yet.

4. Météorites Perles Light-Diffusing Perfecting Primer, 30ml: My very first product from Guerlain. An illuminating base that gives the complexion a natural matte look and evens out imperfections for instant radiance without shine. Contains magical correcting and perfecting pearls which are suspended in a cool gel with an unrivalled water content to revitalise the skin. LOVE this primer! My face looks instantly more radiant and even.

5. L'Or Radiance Concentrate with Gold, 30ml: The idea of using gold flakes in skincare really fascinates me; I gave in and bought this. Pure 24-carat gold specks in a hydrating smoothing gel, it lights up the complexion in an extraordinary and unfailing way. Both this and the Meteorites Perles give different finishes on my skin and I LOVE THEM BOTH!!

6. Secreté de Purete Cleansing Cream, 190ml: A deliciously firm and smooth cream which removes even waterproof make-up and leaves skin feeling comfortable, hydrated and nourished. Unopened as well.

Am looking to add a new member to this family, perhaps a foundation in the near future!


  1. great news for me as my chanel primer is gonna finish real soon, I'm quite interested to try the primer you have mentioned! looks pretty with all the meteorites in it. plus, at the state im in.. sigh.. DEFINITELY take-my-money-already..

    ok now that thats outta my system :)
    Your are going to NEPAL!!! ok send me Your email add and i'll fill u in with everything. Only if you r comfy if not , I'll post it on your wall ^_*