Monday, March 2, 2009


A new year, a new start (albeit being 3 months late)! This blog will mainly be about my day to day activities, what I wore, where I ate and other things which I heart. You can have a peek into my past *here* where I wrote for 5 years.

To start off this blog, I'll be showing what I wore today to the city. Its still warm though autumn is approaching.. I can't wait to put on jackets and leggings and wear boots again (: mMmmm

the neckline on this dress

Put my hair up in a bun..

and went out like this (:

I'm sure most people in Melbourne are aware of the extreme weather expected tomorrow. VicPolice have been sending texts out to the public; apparently there is going to be high winds and fire risk. Hopefully the weather gets better soon. Too many people have lost their homes and loved ones. 


  1. Oh, sorry to hear bout the weather. hope it's better soon. BTW, my lippy is from Missha (Korea)

  2. That's a gorgeous dress! Btw, I found you through Yumeko's blog :D

    I hope you're still able to breathe with all the fires going on :///

  3. aaww you're so sweet! I'd love to create you some HK goodies and ship to aussie land - I'd have to look into how much shipping fees are, because overseas can get quite pricey!!!