Thursday, March 5, 2009


Two nights ago, I made roast lamb for the first time ever and it was a success! The ex-bf made it for me a few times (yeah, hes a better cook than I am) and I finally decided to make my own using his recipe. My sister and her boy lovedit so much that we're making roast again tomorrow. Yum!

rosemary so I used more than required..

may not look it, but it was really juicy.. mMmm

I got my wish, it rained the whole day and was cccc-cold!

its currently 10 degrees as I type.. (:   

my sister we used to be able to pass of as twins

Its going to be a cold week, cant wait to break out the jackets! Woohoo! I've also bought some diamantes and crystals online after reading this and having a look at her other projects. Inspiration (: Imma bling my nails and maybe my camera/phone. 

Moomba Waterfest starts tomorrow! Ive been going every year since Ive been in Melbourne, not so much for the rides/carnival food but more to see the lights, sounds and people. Feels nostalgic everytime Im there.. as if Im a kid again. Okay will post pictures after the weekend, hopefully roast tomorrow turns out good. My sis is going to attempt it this time because I have been making dinner almost everynight this week! Wish her luck!


  1. Xwennss..Moombaaa!!! ;( Remember our moomba trip in 07? ahha i was kiasu wth so we walked all the way there. and i know how much u HATE walking.

  2. eh walking is the healthiest activity in the world wth. syennn lucky chan mou? HAHAHAHA.

  3. totally cute outfit, love the bright pink with bit of lace:D and omg.. drooling over that roast.. mm please cook for me! ;) x