Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ole Ole Bali

About 2 weeks back I was craving for meatmeatmeat for dinner. I wanted a place which served minimal carbs, so JagiBOY suggested Ole Ole Bali at Solaris, Mont Kiara. He said he wanted to scratch a restaurant off my "To Eat" list plus they served huge portions (I love meat).

It wasn't JagiBOY's first time there but it was mine, and I have read good reviews about this place so I was eager to tuck in.

We opted to sit on the floor where there were plush cushions, a nice change from the usual.

What to eat? We (or rather, I) usually get a starter to share, a main and dessert. But JagiBOY warned me that the portions served are massive. This was one of the rare times I actually said okay and only ordered a Platter and a Main. To share between us. How unlike me!

Our food came relatively fast and first up was the Bali Trio (MYR42). Awesome stuff! Fried squid, chicken wings and some fish paste on sticks. The 3 sauces which came with the platter complimented the different meats very well.

A chicken and lamb combo (MYR35)- grilled meats served with corn, mash and coleslaw. Nothing spectacular but it was huge, tasty and we had quite a few pieces of chops to share.

My iced mint tea with passionfruit syrup (MYR 13) was TOO SWEET. I'd probably just order warm water the next time.

We both couldn't finish the last few bites of the grilled chicken and vegetables, and we are actually pretty big eaters. Left the place so full, I couldn't even think of dessert. Okay I did, but I gagged a little.

I like this place and I'll definitely be back again!

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  1. om nom nom.. u have another meat lover here.. only diff, i'm a carb lover too~ fml hehe.. is this sat on?

  2. told ya the portion is big.muahahaha

  3. xen! your food posts always leave me super hungry ಠ_ಠ everything looks yummy, i'm actually a fan of good old originals, it doesn't always have to be fancy, right? btw is it just me or is "ole ole bali" a really odd name?

  4. xc: totally on!

    yunseong: only cause you've been there 3x already. else you wouldve given in to my extra orders too..

    lippi: i know right! ole ole is .. spanish? hehe but they serve indonesian food :D my posts make you hungry? your posts make we wanna spend money on cosmetics!!

  5. Hi Xen Lee,

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