Thursday, April 14, 2011

♥ Dearest Jagi.. ♥

♥ Before the day is over, I would like to once again wish you Happy Birthday! Over the years you have become one of my bestest friends, and also the bestest friend anyone could ever ask for.

Almost 10 years ago, we visited a beautiful place together and our friendship bloomed from then on.. from a close friend, you became a good friend and we took our friendship to a higher level and became housemates (: Most people walk away from their housemates with a sour taste, but you were such a joy to have around and you kept me up so many nights just laughing and enjoying your company, of course having little Melbie around made it even sweeter.

You are someone whom I admire and look up to, someone who is so compassionate and loving, and is so much fun to have around. Every time we get together you make me laugh till I cry, or even better, until I want to chuck up my meal because I can't breathe. Haha good times. I wouldn't change our friendship for anything, for it is perfect the way it is. Thank you for being yourself and making me a part of your life ♥

Xiao Chyn aka Jagi aka Jargs, Happy Xth 23rd Birthday!

Love always, Me ♥

...sent from iPad


  1. i <3 you jargs.. so touched to have my own post in your blog :) it was only you and jessica who really, really grew with me throughout those years.. both in very different ways.. thanks for being there when i needed you.. you're the best-est ever! xoxo

  2. Love you too jagi! (: xoxoxx am really glad to have you in my life..