Monday, January 16, 2012

In a week...


I will be spending my birthday in Melbourne and I can't wait to over-indulge myself... good food, great company, and shopping!!

UPDATED:Birthday MateriaLIST:

1. Yves Saint Laurent Belle du Jour leather clutch
*still thinking of the colour.. red? navy? magenta?

2. CANON s95 camera thank you Papa Mama

3. Louis Vuitton Vernis 4 key holder in Rouge Fauviste
thanks meimei~ though it wasn't intended as a bday gift!

4. SK-II Facial Treatment Foaming Cleanser

5. Diamond Studs

6. Yves Saint Laurent Arty Ring (Turquoise Stone)
*size 8 please! :D

7. Belle Noel Nugget Cocktail Ring (size 8)

8. Tiffany Notes I Love You Ring (size 8) thanks JagiBOY (: I'm a size 7! heh
*I keep writing I am a size 8 but to be honest I really am not sure :/

9. Peter Alexander/Glasshouse candles

10. CHANEL Beige Perfume

11. Jurlique Daily Exfoliating Cream

12. ettika Love Me, Hug Me, Kiss Me, Im Yours to Keep bangle

13. Louis Vuitton Mini-Travel Keyholder

14. Shentel & Sereni, New Money in Light Grey
& Akeem in Cream

15. Acqua di Gioia EDP

16. La Mer lip balm

A dear friend who currently works in Singapore got this early present for me...

Karl Lagerfeld for Sephora Eyeshadow Palette
I basically squealed when I unwrapped the present and saw what it was. Because this eyeshadow palette was only released in Singapore and Europe, I was so sure it would be sold out the moment it hit the stores. I vaguely remember asking her (months ago) if she could take a peek and check it out for me. So so so happy :D thank you!!!

So, if you find yourself stumped as to what to get me, you can get some ideas here. Even if I don't receive the items listed above for my birthday, I am going to save up for them because I have been lusting over these products/accessories for quite some time.

Last year, I managed to make it through the ENTIRE YEAR without buying any bags! So pleased with myself. This year, I will aim to cut back on more unnecessary items.. Here's to 2012!!

Countdown: 5 MORE DAYS!!!


  1. Good now you specifically write down what is what. Not just pearl studs with "full-stop" hahahaha

  2. haha what! pearl stud are just that.. round on a stud! haha