Friday, December 30, 2011

White out

According to Master Wong, I need to inject more white into my life.

White clothes,
white accessories,
white phone,
anything white I can get my hands on, I need to put it ON me.

He has been spot on with everything else in my life and health/wealth wise too, so *just this once* I will do as I am told- by a total stranger.

So my blog is getting a WHITEOUT treatment too. 

I like it better now, clean and simple.

Have a great year ahead, everyone!


  1. awesome.. love the new "zen" layout.. whose master wong anws?? i miss blogging.. :C

  2. ooooh i like the new layout! nice and simple :) btw happy new year to you!! and a little surprise: you're one of the winners of my giveaway:
    congrats! i've sent you an email about it as well ;)

  3. Xc: thanks! :D he's this awesome shifu in Taiwan. i have his card, will def visit again when we go there!

    Lippi: thank you! happy new year to you too! what a great way to start off 2012!! :D