Saturday, December 10, 2011


I haven't abandoned this blog- the past few months have been hectic.. I had been writing beauty reviews for a lifestyle website, and on top of that work has been craaaaazy busy. I rarely saw my friends and was getting easily agitated from the lack of sleep.

But you know what, all that's changing TODAY because though I am at work this very moment, I will be flying off in a few hours to MELBOURNE! 

I usually pack 1-2 months ahead of my trips but this time? I did almost overnight *proud*.

Am very excited to see my little sister again and stroll the streets of Melbourne. 

10 TEN 10 days of r&r with the family. Life is good.

Will leave you with random pics of my trip to Melb back in May..


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  1. yay!! you're still alive XD i'm sorry to hear that you had so much stress these last months :C i'm sure you'll have a lot of fun in melbourne!!!

    btw if you're interested, check out my luview giveaway here: i'd be super happy if you'd participate ^_^