Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Shopping!

Sunday shopping at 1 Utama.. Ken's Apothecary was having a promotion and all the brands under their belt had deals going on- Laura Mercier, diptyque, REN, Caudalie and Dr. Brandt.

Laura Mercier was having 40% off on body care sets and some makeup. The set below retails for MYR299 but I scored this Creme Brûlée Luxe Quartet at MYR179 (about USD55)!

So glad I didn't get it a few months back. Good things do come to those who wait (but bear in mind this doesn't apply to limited edition items haha). 

A sugar scrub, honey bath, body creme and candle all for only MYR179.. Such a steal! I've used this range before and I love the scent but didn't repurchase as it is quite expensive. Yay to giftsets!

My sister also got a diptyque set, for MYR345 there is a Baies room spray and a candle which are usually sold at MYR245 each. Love a good deal, but passed on this as I am on a temporary diptyque ban.. 

Aveda is also having limited edition candles for sale under their Light The Way campaign. The candles are made of soy wax with organic ginger and ginger lily from India and 100% of the purchase price goes to protecting and providing clean water to countries under Global Greengrants. These are retailing at MYR45 and is for a good cause, also I find the scent rather relaxing.

I usually do not support such "charity" products as not 100% of the sale goes to the cause (usually only a tiny portion is forwarded), but this is different and I appreciate how everything is made of recycled materials. Am thinking of going back for more. 

Haven't had a lazy Sunday in a while, I even had time for a nap and ended the day with delicious fresh fish caught by Papa.

Hope everyone has had a (un)productive Sunday! :D


  1. Great haul dear! Curious about the Aveda candle - how's the scent like? :) Considering Dirt Candle as well.

    1. The Aveda candle says its made with organic ginger and ginger lily from India, but it's not a strong ginger scent.. its quite relaxing and rejuvenating. My description isn't very good, I think you may have to visit an Aveda store to find out ;D

      Heard much about Dirt Candles but I've only seen them online, I can't commit to a scent without sniffing it hehe

  2. OHHH!! this is such an awesome haul! you know it's funny i ALMOST bought that exact laura mercier creme brulee/sugar set last month but i didn't because it was so expensive! you really scored :) well done!

    and ohhhh your sister lucked out on the diptyque set!! so lucky. i think they're so pretty lol.

    i just wanted to say thank you for your super sweet words :) i was really apprehensive about posting this blog post.. and truthfully thought about deleting it a half a dozen times but i'm really glad i did because i think we usually only post parts of our life we want to showcase with blogging but i wanted to be truthful to people that it's not all rainbows and sunshine sometimes lol :) thanks for your lovely comment hon!

    1. Those were my exact thoughts about the Laura Mercier set! Would not have picked up if not for the discount :D

      It's been a joy going through your posts, thank YOU for sharing with us these stories, your blog really is an inspiration to me (: Thanks, Lisa.