Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Weekend Project

Arts and crafts always interest me and once in a while I enjoy taking up projects which are challenging, but not too challenging, if you get what I mean ;D

The DIY paper kit below was purchased in a toy-store in Tokyo, the pieces are so detailed and tiny that it took me much longer than I expected to put it together. I thought it was going to be fairly simple but noooooo, on the instruction leaflet it said a blade, glue and tweezers were needed to start.

After 3 hours I only managed to erect ONE floor. I have a record of not finishing DIY projects which are too hard or which take too long.. which really makes me out to be an impatient quitter. But not anymore! Anything which I am going to do, I will do it whole-heartedly and see it all the way through.

I may have only built one floor (about 3 weeks ago) and haven't touched it again since, but I will have it completed by the end of May.

*Please feel free to mock me when May comes and there is no sign of the completed project. LOL. 

 Must complete this by the end of May!!!


  1. No wonder its taking so long, that thing is TINY!! Very cute though, love the little trees.

    1. Hi Linh! I didnt expect it to be so intricate and delicate! Some parts have to be glued together, I hope the glue I used is strong enough.. wouldnt want it falling apart or slowly peeling open haha

      Friday is finally here, enjoy your weekend! (: