Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Red Velvet from scratch!

Finally, a non-beauty related post! Aside from makeup, I also enjoy cooking and baking very much. One of my favourite cakes to eat is the Red Velvet- a moist buttermilk cake with a hint of cocoa and a cream cheese frosting. YUMS!

Having tried many Red Velvets from the usual raved-about spots in KL, I still have yet to find one which I like. My issues with the cakes: too dry, not enough cream cheese, too much cocoa powder, bland.. and the list goes on.

I'm not very picky with my cakes (most of the time a Secret Recipe cheesecake satisfies my cravings) but even I found it rather disappointing that there was not ONE which I wanted a second piece of. None of them tasted like the ones I've had in Melbourne! Little Cupcakes, how I miss you so!! And it's not just the taste, it's also the texture which didn't cut it for me. That said, if anyone in KL or PJ knows of a good Red Velvet bakery, please do share.

So I took matters in my own hand.. imported ingredients are aplenty at B.I.G so I always shop there whenever I want to cook/bake. 

Cake batter
Baked cake, set overnight and filled middle with cream cheese
Attempted to decorate it, looks small but its a 9" cake
Time to eat! Speckled bits are from the vanilla pod I used.
Wonky insides
The Red Velvet I made was a success, I loved it and so did everyone in the family. Even my sister who's a Red Velvet cake aficionado. 

It's relatively easy to make this, I am actually craving for a slice as I look at the pictures. I tweaked the recipes found online and used most of the things I had on hand. The cake was moist but not oily or chewy, the frosting was delicious- vanilla pods all the way; its more expensive compared to vanilla essence but so worth it. And the ratio of cake to frosting was perfect, I was worried initially there might be too much frosting but it worked out.

It's sorta obnoxious to say that I enjoy my own cooking/baking.. but I really do. However, I am still up to trying out Red Velvets sold in restaurants; having to wait a day before I can dig in is a bit tormenting. I like to have my cake and eat it (pronto!). So, any suggestions?


  1. let's have a cookout and bakeout after i move in..! <3

  2. looks delicious! I really like red velvet too! Non-existent in Tokyo haha

    1. Thank you! No red velvet in Tokyo?! That's absurd!! haha but then again, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to other flavours of cakes and desserts :D

  3. It looks so yummy OMG! I used to bake a lot before, when I moved out I never had the chance anymore. I am so jealous! :)


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