Friday, August 9, 2013

Nails: CHANEL Holiday #617

It has been a while since I've painted my nails and I opted for a bright pop of colour.

Very appropriately named "Holiday".

Matching my meds, nails and post-it..
Under sunlight
As usual, Etude House base coat, 2 coats of polish and Etude House Jelly top coat. I have run out of Seche Vite and am contemplating trying another brand as the formula always turns gloopy and thick halfway through the bottle.

The colour of the polish is most accurate in the first and last picture.

I really should get back into the habit of painting my nails!


  1. Oh ... i love the orange-red... and i love Chanel nail colors. How many Chanel lacquers do you have?
    Greets Mariana

    1. Hi Mariana, I love most Chanel polishes too! ;D I dont have that many.. about 40+? I only purchase colours which I would use so I dont end up with too many hehe. What about you?