Thursday, August 15, 2013

SK-II Family

Quite a while back I jumped on to the SK-II bandwagon and got myself a whole set of their much-raved about skincare.

I had previously finished a bottle of the Facial Treatment Essence, and because it didn't irritate my skin, I went ahead to purchase the full range last year. Should have gotten some samples before taking the plunge!

1. Cellumination Mask-In Lotion- using on body
2. Facial Treatment Essence
3. Facial Clear Solution
4. Advanced Eye Treatment Film- in use
5. Facial Treatment Clear Lotion
6. Facial Treatment Mask
*Items highlighted= Emptied/Given away

In my stash was also the Cleansing Oil but unfortunately that is the only product which I would consider repurchasing out of the whole lot.

My skin seemed to have taken a disliking to SK-II since my first bottle and when I used all of the products at the same time, I broke out in itchy bumps on my cheeks and forehead. Putting it down to coincidence, I actually tried another 2 more times after my face calmed down but with same results. I also tried to isolate the products and use them on it's own but each time it still caused some sort of irritation.

I ended up giving some products away and using the rest on my body. The Cellumination Mask-In Lotion is one I wanted to like so badly as I could feel a difference on my arms and butt (so smoooooth) plus it smelled the nicest. But because my skin reacted to the lotions and moisturizers, I could not risk keeping it in my regime.

The Facial Clear Solution I chose back when my skin was considered oily, this is definitely not moisturizing enough for normal skin types. As for the Advanced Eye Treatment Film, this is actually my 3rd tube but may well be my last. I've recently noticed fine lines at the area between my cheekbone and eyes which means it isn't hydrating the skin there well anymore.

I found the Treatment Clear Lotion to be drying and I didn't like it at all.

Friends that I know who have tried SK-II are split down the middle- they either love it and it keeps their skin smooth and radiant, or it causes some sort of skin irritation. I have been in both categories.

Only their cleansers seem to be gentle enough for my skin, I assume it is because they are washed off and not left on the face. I actually like the Foaming Cleanser which has a rose scent but it is rather expensive, MYR199 compared to sukin's MYR39 which works the same? No thank you. However, their Oil Cleanser is more appropriately priced and I find it performs even better than Shu Uemuras' formulas.

Everyone has different skin conditions/sensitivities, the most expensive brand/product might not be the one which works best for your skin. Always try a sample when you can, especially for higher end brands. Most counters would be happy to provide you one and teach you how to use it properly.

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