Sunday, September 1, 2013

Empties: August 2013

September is here! Last month I really made a point to clear out deluxe sized samples in my stash. Some weren't that great but because they didn't break me out I persevered. I still have quite a few to get through.

For my second cleanser I have already sealed sukin's Foaming Facial Cleanser in place and have stocked up enough to last me until next year. I also really like the Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion and will definitely purchase this after I am done with my other toners. 

The Lotus Face Treatment Oil also makes an appearance, this was my 3rd? 4th? bottle, I've lost count but I still like this product very much. The Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm is a close contender for congested skin, but if I had to pick one I would stick with the Lotus Oil solely because I can mix that into my moisturisers and masks.

As for body products, I am happy to repurchase the Clarins Body Shaping Cream, it could be a placebo effect but I enjoy my nightly massages with this so, no complains.

1. Guerlain Secret de Purete Cleansing Cream, 190ml
2. sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser, 125ml

3. SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion, 200ml
4. Clarins Extra-Comfort Toning Lotion, 50ml
5. Clarins Camomile Toning Lotion, 50ml
6. Clarins Whitening Pure Aqua-Lotion, 50ml
7. Clarins Whitening Velvet Emulsion SPF20, 15ml
8. Clarins Whitening Velvet Emulsion, 15ml
9. Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil, 30ml
10. Darphin Aromatic Purifying Balm, 15ml

11. Clarins Relax Bath & Shower Concentrate, 100ml
12. Clarins Body Shaping Cream, 200ml
13. Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub for a New Skin, 30ml
14. Clarins Bust Beauty Extra-Lift Gel, 15ml
15. Melvita Naturalift, 15ml
16. Melvita Nigella Oil, 50ml
17. di palomo Fig & Grape hand cream, 25ml

Total January - August: 190!!!

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